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Missing search tabs


Hello Streeteasy - congrats on your entry into the Hamptons. Something you must add to the search page is a waterfront/waterview filter. Definitely an important aspect of real estate here in The End.

good luck

You will find it if you go to advanced search under 'location.'

Rock on

If you have any other Hamptons or North Fork specific suggestions, please let us know!

would be ggood to be able to choose more than one town to search that aren't next to each other on the list. like East & South. Also would be good if could have some add'l sorting characteristics - pool/room for pool/tennis etc.

Not sure why this is happening but when I limit the search to a certain lot size (>2 acres) fewer listings come up than on

We'll look into it...

It is critical that you add date fields for rental listing searches: June, July, August-LD, Seasonal, Extended Season, etc.

Thank You

NYC10013 - I have noticed that HREO often has the same hosue listed numerous times ... might be a weird kink of their "co exclusive" system? That could be one reason that SE would have fewer listsings, but just a guess.

Had the same thought but that's not the issue - when I search for >2 acres on HREO and streeteasy there are certain houses that don't come up on my streeteasy search even though they're on streeteasy. It looks like streeteasy doesn't have the lot size info on certain listings where HREO has it - I think that's why my streeteasy search isn't pulling them in even though they're on streeteasy.

Just like you guys have "building information" in NYC (including historical sales) I think you should have "Street Info" for the hamptons. IE all current listings on a specific street, right along side the historical sales for that street.

We are fixing the issue with searching by lot size. It will get better each day.

Good suggestion regarding how to view the historical data. Expect that to improve a bunch soon!

recorded sales info seems odd - sometimes searching for a specific name brings up a property, but the opposite doesnt? also - if i seqrch for say all sales in bridgehampton over the last year (keep the parameters as wide as possible) i get zero hits. is it possible nothing has sold in the last year?


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