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Rahima in Tebet Timur Dalam ( Hendra) S. Jkt.

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Poverty and despair made Listiani Lestari create a marriage of convenience possible can also be charged of bigamy within the European Union of which we all make part. She entered into this criminal activity
to get an access into Amsterdam. We took some time to follow her path but by the help of the American Embassy in Jakarta we traced her whereabouts. Using proxy documents. We want the lady alive.

Listiani Lestari married in Malta taking surname (SPITERI)id:530971312
with Maltese address of 13, Xehda Str. Naxxar Malta.

Passport Number M768670. Listiani Lesteri ( SPITERI) the daughter of
Soedardjo Darman and late Srie Suyati Indonesia address Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam III D-No.16 Rt.005 Rw.003 South Jakarta

The lady is on the want list of the Europol Police if she is caught in the company of third parties they are accomplices of pictures of the wanted lady are on website of Interpol and Europol.

Further information may be acquired via:

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