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What's wrong with this house?


location and would be owning a house that cost 2x more than most of your neighbors

Actually, several houses on Cedar have sold in excess of 2 mil. 171 Cedar sold for 9.5 million two years ago, 169 Cedar sold for 1.45 5 yrs ago. I believe that 173 Cedar is listed for 3 . Whats wrong with the house is a completed dated post modern- look at the counters etc. Also, since EH no longer allows trucks on Main Street Cedar is very busy.

marye, it is 1 mile between 26 cedar and 171 cedar, hardly a good comp...can't compare those sales with your neighbors at 26 cedar

Apt Boy your clearly not familiar with the area, they are comparable

Mayre, you are clearly on crack

Kind of late to the party, but Apt_Boy...that was wrong, but funny just the same...LOL.

thank you lookin2buy

Mayre, they are so comparable? Even after 398 days on market? Stay off the pipe.

very productive apt boy....


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