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The streets of Williamsburg are never dull. Big thoroughfares such as Bedford, Lorimer, and Graham are always bustling with shoppers and diners and the quieter, tree-lined side streets are often punctuated by older Italian and Dominican residents sitting out on their stoops, playing cards.

At a Glance

Williamsburg residents have a singular flair when it comes to style, which comes part and parcel with the young, creative and energetic vibe of the area. There's no getting around it though, the neighborhood has changed rapidly over the past few decades and younger residents live among long-standing communities of Dominicans, Italians and Hasidic Jews. Quick commutes to downtown Manhattan on the L, J, and M trains mean early morning trains are packed with young professionals -- many of whom live in expensive, glassy condo buildings along the water. These buildings have certainly changed the landscape of neighborhood. Practically everywhere you look in Williamsburg there’s new construction of varying size, price and quality going up, catering to the seemingly ceaseless influx of new residents.


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The Mood

The vibe is eclectic and in constant flux. Neighborhood old-timers, painfully cool creative types, yuppies and their offspring all collide in Williamsburg.

Heart of the Neighborhood

Equal parts bowling alley, beer hall and concert venue, Brooklyn Bowl is a mecca for Williamsburg locals. Every night, there's always a fun event and a great crowd.

Neighborhood Quirk

Williamsburg throws together a wonderfully diverse, if incongruous mix of people. You'll find shirtless hipsters riding fixies alongside huge Hasidic families pushing strollers.

Best Perk

Living in Williamsburg, you'll never lack stimulation or excitement. Whether it's sighting some great street style or taking in a late night concert or cocktail, there's always something going on.

Biggest Downside

Bedford Avenue is congested and often unbearable. Just about every other storefront is either a lousy Thai restaurant or an overpriced, pseudo-artsy boutique.

By the Numbers

The days of Williamsburg being a haven for big spaces and cheap rents are long over. Today, Williamsburg is one of Brooklyn's most expensive neighborhoods with apartments in glassy condos and converted loft buildings commanding steep prices.

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*Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2013 ACS

Food & Drink

You can’t do better than Williamsburg for dinner, drinks and dancing.


American (New), Tapas/Small Plates

In a cheeky nod to the neighborhood's Hasidic roots, this excellent small-plate restaurant flaunts everything non-kosher. Inventive and delicious.


Bars, American (Traditional), Diners

Classic American fare and killer cocktails in a speakeasy-like setting. A quintessentially Williamsburg crowd.

The Four Horsemena

Wine Bars, American (New)

A wine bar owned by the unofficial Don of Williamsburg, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Small plates in an intimate setting.

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