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Advice on renovation delays
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refacing vs. refinishing kitchen cabinets
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Motorized window treatment
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Electrician recommendation
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Estimate for Painting 1 BR?
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HVAC - Split Units
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Second door in apartment, really necessary?
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GC - Payment Terms + Schedules/Penalties?
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What color works with pinkish Venetian plaster:
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Plates for Unused Outlet Box
Started by jelj13
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Can a toilet be made quieter?
Started by Juxie
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Completed Reno - Gift Ideas for Contractor/Crew
Started by MoMoYa
Updated about 2 weeks ago
203k reno loan, $$ afford your first rehabbed home
Started by realsellen
Updated about 2 weeks ago
Kitchen reno
Started by UESCombo
Updated about 2 weeks ago
Leicht New York
Started by Belgariad
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Started by DTDWIH
Updated about 2 weeks ago
building at 305 East 24th Street
Started by parkhill30
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Floors: Semi-Gloss or Matte finish?
Started by PMG
Updated about 4 weeks ago
Craving a Fireplace!
Started by JEM
Updated about 5 weeks ago
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