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Illegal Market Rent Apartment
Started by FirstTimerNYC
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Apartment rental question - sketchy broker?
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Stuyvesant Town Lease Break
Started by NA1986
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Renting in a building in foreclosure
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Windsor Court
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Rental at 509 W 212th Street
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Rent Freeze Measure Fails
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Is a 3br/2bath UWS under $5K (no fee) realistic
Started by west80s
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Looking for an apartment in NYC remotely from CA
Started by coleung
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515 east 72
Started by perryk1217
Updated 5 days ago
Living in building at 50 North 5th Street
Started by VRL
Updated 11 days ago
elevator broken for 4 months, any recourse?
Started by dharma
Updated 13 days ago
The Beekman Regent - RENTER BEWARE
Started by FoolishRenter
Updated about 2 weeks ago
Living in one state and renting in another
Started by marksmom
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building at 424 Bedford Avenue new Owners Problems
Started by summermtknyc
Updated about 2 weeks ago
Rental at 212 East 122nd Street #2F
Started by alimc83
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building at 250 East 73rd Street
Started by uesnyc1
Updated about 3 weeks ago
Rental at 2 Gold Street #25F
Started by elizabeth7
Updated about 3 weeks ago
Rental at 135 W 58 #3F
Started by ttrepte(PRO) 
Updated about 3 weeks ago
Renovating a rent stabilized apartment
Started by DYL20
Updated about 3 weeks ago
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