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80% carpet rule
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Coliseum Park Apartments
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Lawyer representing both buyer and mortgage bank?
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M At Beekman
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building at 1192 Park Avenue
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No buyer's agent
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Sale at 246 East 51st Street #11
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pest control and hot water
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building at 288 West 92nd Street
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buyer's commission rebate
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5th on the Park (Harlem)
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Hudson View Gardens--Capital Improvements
Started by HVG
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FSBO-1% off price if no salesperson
Started by steveF
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Listing is not showing up
Started by HAYATNYC(PRO) 
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Alternative Broker Fee Structures
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Lease break/ Lease Takeover
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90W poor management.
Started by 90Wtenant
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Different rents quoted for same apartment
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