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Canco Lofts


Hi i went to visit the Canco lofts and loved the building. trying to find out if anyone has bought and what they paid per sq foot. how the area is. any feedback?


I visited the building a few times and loved everything about it but the area. Most of my life is still in Manhattan, so I couldn't imagine coming home late on a weekend night to the building which is a little too far from the PATH. The pricing seems to take this into consideration and is very affordable compared to Brooklyn or other parts of NJ for what you get.

We moved here a few weeks ago after living in Manhattan all our lives. While I never thought I'd live in Jersey, I love it here. We've looked everywhere and when we visited, we were instantly in love. We were tired of living in a small apt and the only downside is adjusting to all the space. The neighborhood isn't great but it's alot safer than we thought.

I've been in the building since January. 10 minute walk to the building. I've done it at 3pm, I've done it at 3am. It's not that bad. And if it feels uncomfortable, there's the taxi line outside the PATH that's a $3.75/$4 dollar ride to the building.

this is nice development but its far from the city plus you have little india next door.
thats only 2 bad things about this condo. if you can live with little india next door you would like it.
im just honest. i have nothing against indians or little india, im just saying

My review of Canco Lofts. The building is absolutely beautiful. However, I notice two very disturbing things. Observation number one, the superintendent is rude! I watched him talk down to a homeowner, the homeowner had to speak forcefully before he shut up and listened to the complaint. How can someone react so ill-mannered to the person who is paying their salary. It was a horrible. Second, thanks to my weak bladder, I was forced to use the bathroom in one of the display models. When I flushed the toilet, I was astonished to see the lack of suction pressure. There is no power pressure, it took several flushes just for the tissue to go down. I can only imagine how many flushes are needed to dispose of human waste. I could not believe the toilet bowl pressure was so low, so I asked a homeowner and I was told that every toilet bowl works that way. I was also told that the homeowners have complained for months with no solution. Those were the two problems I found with Canco, I hope you enjoyed my review.

Hi my wife and I went to visit the Canco lofts and loved the building too. We are rying to find out if anyone has bought and what they paid per sq foot. how the area is. How do you like it?

any feedback?

I drive by the building every day and find it a nice one. But the common charge seems to be too high. besides, how much is the property tax there?


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