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building at 200 East 82nd Street


Is there any limit to how often a building can turn off the water?
They charge premium rents and turn the water off at least once a week

have they redone the lobby?

The lobby work begins the week of Thanksgiving! Consider this: Massive renovations under way including kitchens, bathrooms, floors, ceilings. Security is compromised, elevators taken out of service for contractors, all building materials and demolition are taken through the lobby. Dirt, constant noise, unhappy tenants, and the landlord expects to collect aggressive rents. No respect for the tenants. Renos are a lame attempt to update the "look" but the they are already dated looking. This was a modest building with great layouts but not much for amenities. Location was good but now with the second avenue subway, drilling can be heard at all hours. Across third avenue is a noisy bar and more construction on a condo that requires massive brick work. Go east of second avenue and forget this mess.

Well, this building has no services whatsoever now. The elevators are constantly taken out of service, the water is shut off, the laundry room and lobby renovations are taking forever. No end in sight. Run -- don't walk -- away from this building!

J. P. Morgan paid $150,000,000 for the thing in 2008. With only 235 nothing-special apartments, they've got to plow even more money into it to get the rents that'd make it pay. Just going by averages, I don't see how they can, but maybe they're planning to take it condo.

Not much competition for rental buildings on 3rd in that area. Alos, JPMorgan made the loan, they do not own the building.

whats the deal with this building? Is the lobby close to being done? laundry room? Gym? Is it all smoke and mirrors? What is this building like? Looks like a nightmare from the outside....

construction is clearly never ending in this dump

supergirl, an affiliate of J.P.Morgan bought it. As an investment, forsooth.

I live at the Wimbledon and it's seriously the worst managed building I've ever seen. Besides the construction that has been occurring since December at my expense, the management are such a**holes. For some reason, they think their building is a shangi-la. In the summer of 2009 they started jacking rents 30% and everybody stared moving out which humbled them a bit. However, after the renovations are complete, they're going to try and jack rents again. If you go to the leasing office, you'll meet a person named Dawn who is extremely condescending. Trust me you wont be able to stand her and she is pretty much a good reflection of what this building is all about: zero customer service with an FU attitude to go with it.

All I can say is run from this building and dont ever look back. Don't spend the money or deal with the headache of moving here only to have to move out a year or two later. It's not worth it. As for me, why am I sill here? I'm moving out in a few months when my lease expires.

i walked by the other day and the building looks like public housing.. when is the construction suppose to be done? The renderings of the renovations look gorgeous

They renovated the laundry and during the renovations the laundry room was CLOSED for 6 months. the management did nothing for the residents..

Lance1 -> Don't move to the camargue.. it is another "wimbledon"

Truly, this place is a disaster! The management is completely incompetent and are total liars. They tell every potential tenant that renovations will be done soon. What a joke -- The place is a dump!

Somebody should talk to a lawyer about all the renovation going on in the building. Aren't tenants entitled to some sort of concession?

My husband and I live at the Wimbledon. We moved into a newly renovated apartment late last year. We love the building. The health club has opened and the lobby looks almost done - needs furniture. Although living through construction was sometime tough we are glad we moved here.

So funny that management must be putting in their own comments now about loving the building! This place is a rip off. Health club is near the garbage room, no furniture in lobby, roof deck is gross with noise from air duct units going constantly. They promised a planted roof deck with water spray area. They totally lie to get you to move in. Don't be fooled. More gross construction with the renovation of the hallways. No garage either.

We've lived in this building for over a year and it has been a major dissapointment for the amount of rent we are paying (4K). It's laughable that they refer to this as a "luxury" building, yet they still don't have any furniture in the lobby and the renovations have been done since July. Plus, the surrounding area is pretty dismal with bums sleeping on benches outside the front door. Overpriced and Underdelivers. Don't waste your time.

Any updates on the Wimbledon? Is the construction completed? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Are tenants generally happy now?

My name says it all....
No one stays here more than a year...full of wannabes w no money and 2 kids in 2 beds, or walls up for roommates or studios where people keep moving down to try to save rent. Constant construction!!
Elevators never all work, water off every week. The super(who I hear had a father who was also super and brother working here), parks in the only space in front of the building. Velvet curtains in lobby.
Broker told me I would be sorry. NO FEE = 2nd or 3rd rate. ASK TENANTS before you sign!!!!

any update on this bldg?? it's hard to get into so they must be doing something right...

This place is hell.
The management company couldn't manage an ant farm.

One elevator has currently been out over 100 days.
Management tells you that you are wrong when you complain.
The last update they provided was on May 10.

You would have to be crazy to move here.


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