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Cost to Build Guest House


I would like to build a very small guest house on my property in East Hampton. Assuming there is no zoning/set back issues, has anyone done this and what did it cost you? Talking something very small, a studio or one-bedroom with a nominal kitchen and bath. Anyone use a pre-fab structure to do this?

problem is normally your only allowed to build a pool house, for a guest house you need a second co (certificate of occupancy) which unless your lot already has one you can forget about. Pool houses have strict rules as to to size etc. They aren't allowed to be heated although many people do so after it passes inspection. I don't know about pre-fab, but to build one with a foundation its own electric, septic, etc it could run from 50k to 150k depending on how big and how nice you want it. Hope this is helpful

very helpful, waiter. So this means noone can build a guest house regardless of the size of the property unless it was planned for with a CO a long time ago? I have a small house (1600 sf) on 3/4 acre but was told that zoning would allow for a house 3500 sf. I would prefer to build a small guest house instead.

You could probably get away with building an addition to your existing house that is connected only by some kind of a passageway. If you're going for something ultra modern, this could be done very easily.

My understanding is that is the only way to have a completely separate dwelling with heat/ac electric etc is with a second c/o. Many people simply build the biggest pool house that zoning allows, get it inspected and then run heat, a/c etc after the inspection. That's probably your best bet.

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Not sure, but I think you can also legally build an "artist's studio" with full bathroom and partial kitchen. That's probably more plausible than a poolhouse in the absence of, say, a pool. It could probably have a windowed storage room adjacent to the main space, or separate studios for, say, ceramics and painting.

What are the rules about building additions to an existing house - is it a matter of complying with set back rules and making sure that not too much surface of the lot is covered (and height restrictions, etc.)?

thanks for your comments. Reason I want a separate house is that I want a place where I can stay when I rent out the main house. This way I can rent the house for longer time periods, and still enjoy summer in the Hamptons


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