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Gut renovation? newbie question please


Hi all,

What is gut renovation? I am thinking of changing the bathroom tiles, change bath tub and vanities but no wall knocked down. Is that renovation considered a gut renovation?

Thank you for your info.

nancee, most people understand a "gut reno" to include stripping the bathrooms and kitchens down to the studs, a little or a lot of reconfiguring of walls/closets/halls, possibly skim-coating walls or otherwise repairing them, new doors/mouldings, a little or a lot of electrical and plumbing work, something with the floors (refinish at the very least or even replace)... in short, the entire apartment becomes an absolute disaster zone and is rebuilt in some fashion. It isn't a technical term. You can "gut" a bathroom, but that goes beyond just replacing fixtures.

Why do you ask?

Hi kylewest,

thank you very much for your info. I am asking because i have my eyes on an apartment that will need to work.

again, thank you for your help! N

In a bathroom, I'd say that taking out that tub would be considered a gut 'cause you don't know what you're gonna find & you'll be down to the nitty gritty on that side of the room, certainly. Tearing those tiles off the walls will also get you pretty close to raw, as well.

If you take out the tub & tiles, you WILL be putting up new cement board, and that would require taking down the wall to the studs (i.e. knocking down a wall).

when you lose 30 lbs...

w67th St - I, at least, thought your joke was very funny. Nice one.


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