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Fort Greene/Clinton Hill rental advice:


Guys, please no flaming, no trashing...please? I%u2019m not a regular poster here, and I%u2019m way too inexperienced and uninformed about the Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill rental situation to know better than to ask what I%u2019ve come here to ask. But you guys do know this stuff, and I%u2019m hoping you%u2019ll be a little less abrasive than you like to be, and help me out here with real info, because I need it.

For reasons that are valid, but too boring for you, my husband (about retirement age) and I are looking for a 2 bed/2 bath, pet-friendly, rental in the area in Brooklyn near enough to the LIRR (Atlantic/Flatbush terminal). We can%u2019t afford more than approx. $2,500/month, and we expect to be in the apt. for about four years. I%u2019ve bookmarked three high rises that obviously aren%u2019t filled yet and are offering rental incentives that would bring their 2B/2B models into $$ line: DKLB B%u2019klyn at 80 Dekalb; the Brooklyner; and Avalon Fort Greene. Would renting there be disastrous for us? Have you any information that would single out one over another?

I know there are also condo rentals out there, but I%u2019m so jaded with brokers not listening, pushing, talking up a good show but rarely coming through, that I%u2019m leery of trying to go that route...unless you have a few honest, well-meaning brokers to suggest for us.

That%u2019s it. Please don%u2019t suggest we try other areas or laugh at the $$$ we have to spend. But if you can offer us advice to help with these places in this area, I%u2019d be grateful.


I am not sure why you think you would get mocked for your question or your budget. This site is not that savage.
Have you tried doing a rental search for 2br/2bth in Fort Greene, Boerum Hill and Downtown Brooklyn? These 3 neighborhoods border the Atlantic LIRR stop, and with hundreds of vacancies in the new rental buildings you named, I would think your budget should work.
You don't need a broker for Avalon or the Brooklyner, but it might be worth it to spend 3 or 4 days seeing everything. You might find a better deal, even without "free months" if the base rent is cheaper. It's also worth considering, if you plan to stay for 4 years, that the renewal lease might break the bank.

Maly, thank you for the suggestion (re doing a rental search on this site). I did do just that--and I will keep doing it, as I know new listings come up all the time--but one of the problems is the need to register with whichever broker is shown as the broker of record for any one listing. We have registered with brokers, only to be disappointed in them for different reasons (to brusque, too pushy, too discouraging re our rental $$$ parameters or other criteria; their need(s) to show us what they want to unload, and so on). We've had fairly unhappy experiences with about four different brokerage firms thus far, but it's been enough to tire us out and leave us leery of trying new ones. (Hence the query to this forum about any brokers for the Ft. Greene area that might be less..."hungry"?)

But I will keep checking for listings. Several condos for rent look very nice, but I've been reading on this site about how risky that can be (depending on the financials).

Finally, many thanks for reassuring me about the "tone" here. I've been reading posts for over a year, and I guess maybe I've been misinterpreting humor for something more aggressive. Probably my mistake.

Thanks, Sona

sona you know that most of the people living in those buildings are gonna be young right?

Hi, Samadams,

Yup. I figured that, although I appreciate your thinking to tell me. It can certainly make a difference w/ respect to making friends in a new neighborhood, I know.

We aren't setting out deliberately to move into a "young" building (or neighborhood)--I mean, that's not the reason for contemplating this area or these buildings--but we don't have a whole lot of choice for the time being (4 years or so). For other reasons, we have to situate ourselves there. We can only hope that we will not be looked on as way out of place, or as weird or something. (I still like to lift free weights, 30 lbs. each hand for bench presses; I still like to jog 3 miles/day; but I'm definitely not as young or as strong anymore.)

After that period of time, we should be able to head someplace more age-appropriate for us...preferably someplace where $$$ gets you more space and the winters aren't as...well, you get the idea.


You're going to feel really uncomfortable if you're "older" and white in that neighborhood.

Just sayin'.

Well, NYCMatt, that is certainly a consideration. But since we don't have the luxury of renting a 2BR/2bath in an area that might be considered less uncomfortable to two "older" people like us, we'll just have to hope for the best.

Rather than the age or other ID makeup of the area, I'm more concerned about knowing which rental apartment complexes (like the three I mentioned in my first post) are, or might be, the more reliable ones financially and the better constructed ones (infrastructure, etc.). If we're going to feel "uncomfortable" by living around young renters, we would like to at least feel comfortable by the building infrastructure, its management, and the apartment we live in.

Would anyone have any knowledge of the three buildings mentioned in my first post? Are any of them considered more "reliable" than the other two? Financials better? Management and maintenance staff more professional, etc.?

Thanks, Sona

I have a 2br for 2400 on vanderbilt and gates (private elevator, balcony, D/W, Marble counters, Stainless steel appliances. if interested email me

Matt, you're assumptions are ...... so very Matt-esque.

Getnyc, I've e-mailed you, with thanks for posting the information.

KeithB, thank you for the site! There doesn't seem to be an availability at the development right now (I mean a 2BR/2 bath), but I appreciate the info.

And poorishlady...thank you. :)

My husband and I enjoyed tramping over the Fort Greene area on Saturday (yeah, the day that wasn't pouring rain); the Brooklyner had no appts. available for us, but DKLB and Avalon both showed us around. Problem is, they're all (all three) so unfinished that I don't think it would be all that pleasant to be living there while they're finishing the upper levels. And the Avalon's a bit too front and center re Flatbush Ave. We'll prob'ly get to the Brooklyner at some point, but I doubt they'll be any closer to finishing either.

But I'm beginning to like parts of the wider areas there, and who knows? There may be several smaller, more completed condo rentals out there for $2500 or less that meet our criteria. Or not. It was a good experience, all in all.

"Matt, you're assumptions are ...... so very Matt-esque."

And so very ..... accurate.

sona problem with those new buildings is that they are always lying about when stuff will be completed and when you can move in. If they tell you that the pool and roof will be open by June you can count on not having it done through most of the summer. It can be very annoying and stressful if you go in expecting it when they tell you. As you can tell I had a very bad time moving into the Caroline when it first opened.

"If they tell you that the pool and roof will be open by June you can count on not having it done through most of the summer."

Or ever.

I found this while looking for information about some of the big developments in the Downtown, FG, CH, BH area.
Now that these buildings are settled in, have any of you learned more or actually lived in DKLB or Avalon?



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