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Hi, I'm moving to NYC with my 3 kids (12,11,9). Besides being past deadline for admissions, I'm daunted by the expense of private NYC schools. Can anyone give me advice about parochial schools such as St.Ignatious Loyola? Its hard to figure out what the real cost is and wondering about the education.

This question is probably beyond an easy answer on a message board. Catholic schools are defintely way cheaper than the private schools people clamor to get their kids into, but in Manhattan still somewhat pricey. Will you be living on the UES? There are several quite good public elementary schools scattered across manhattan. High Schools are a different matter.

As far as catholic schools, Loyola is generally perceived as a good elementary school, but it has no high school. If you child is male and a genius, he can apply to Regis, which is among the best high schools anywhere and it is free. Xavier HS also has a quite good reputation, and also is all boys. I spent 12 years in catholic school many decades ago, so take it all with a grain of salt, and I don't know much about the female HS options (Dominican and St. Jean are the main options). Based upon comments I have heard about my nephew, I suspect that the tuition at Xavier is probably in the $10,000 range.

becky, if you know just where you're moving, and when, you will probably get much better answers ... including good strategies for public schools if appropriate.

You can also post on

for williamsburg or greenpoint, district 14, both ps 84 and ps31 are magnet schools, so pretty easy to register. good luck.

District 2 Manhattan. Great schools, great place to raise children...Murray Hill, Gramercy area

Check out the new Spruce street school. It goes K-8, won't open in its new digs for another year, but will be in a gorgeous mansion nect to City Hall until then. The zone goes from Broadway below Canal to the South street seaport, capturing the northern half of the Financial district (lots of relatively cheap luxury rentals.)

Epiphany School, which goes through 8th grade I believe, is supposed to be excellent. The Upper School is located on 28th Street between Lex and 3rd. I have no idea of costs but I would guess they would be considerably less than private. On the other hand, living in that neighborhood gives you access to MS 104 which I understand may not be bad at all...and the price is really good (free).

I don't know if 8th grade students in Catholic schools are given preference for entrance into Catholic HS but it would be something to consider. However, again I wouldn't rule out public school. Options for HS exist beyond the traditional "Stuyvesant, Bronx Science or Holy Shit" perception of NYC schools. For example I know two kids who attend Millennium in the Financial District and their mothers are both very pleased with the education and experience.

But to Alan's point. Where are you planning to live? And if that is an unknown, where are you going to be working since convenience of commute will inform residence. and will be more helpful for this question

You might want to join the Parent's League which I think can give advice on which schools may still have openings for families relocating.

I don't know if they deal with parochial schools or not, but their website says that have connections with 300 independent schools.

We joined before we applied to preschools five years ago and received fairly good advice about the whole process.

I toured St. Ignatius recently. Beautifully renovated building but kids looked miserable in their seats with their textbooks stacked high on their desk (there are no lockers so kids have to lug their textbooks with them). One mom asked a 2nd grade teacher what kind of math they teach (chicago, singapore, everyday, etc.) and the teacher looked at the mom like she had 2 heads and replied "math is math, they memorize the facts and that's it." Uuugh, that did it for me...too old school for me. It costs about $10k per child (incl. all the miscellaneous fees). it's known to be quite strict, but the parent body is supposed to be very nice. One mom complained to the principal (not sure about what) and the principal's response was "if you don't like it, leave" and that's exactly what she did.

According to me, you can take help from some learning centres. I am sure they have good connections to parochial school. My friend had taken help from such services during her shifting to new town. You can also take advice from


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