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Hunter College Hight School - 7th Grade


I am looking for advice on what more I can do for my son to help attend Hunter. He is currently in 5th grade, very bright & athletic. We cannot afford a private school.


kumon for math is very popular. ask the other parents what they do. or if you're uncomfortable with that, have your son do the recon. your op is unclear though, does he actually struggle? have his teachers expressed concern about his understanding of material/ability to keep up with the peer group? most likely you're just driving yourself crazy for no reason.

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And do you know for a fact you can't afford private? Many privates have good financial aid programs. You may want to look into boarding schools as well.

oh i assumed he was already at hunter for elementary

in that case, no matter how you go about inproving his chances, be sure to keep plenty of xanax on hand for yourself. may the force be with you.

BTW, where is he going for middle? Hunter accepts at 7th grade, so he'd have to spend a year somewhere else.
You may find that you are happy with his middle school, and there are a number of good high schools you can apply for later on (public & private).

And is he eligible to sit for the exam (based on 5th grade scores)? I assumed so based on your post.

Your son should have already taken a city wide test that is administered to 5th graders. Based on his scores, he will have to have qualified for the Hunter test that is given to 6th graders (in January). This test is the only way in to the school for 7th graders. Check with the administration of your sons current school as to the test that allows you to qualify for the Hunter test.

get him hgh rather than sending to height school

mates is right--he will need to score well on the normally admenistered standaridized tests for 6th graders to qualify to apply--hunter contacts students with a test score cutoff that yields an applicant pool from which they accept appx 200 7th graders--the cutoff ranges from 92 -98% each year--i believe they get roughly 2000-2550 applicants from a contacted group of 5000 or so--the city mandates that those who qualify are contacted--this includes many private school students who wouldn't consider a switch to any public school, thus the fairly low yield number

if your sonn is already testing in the high 90's he will likley be elegible to apply--if not, tutoring can boost his scores, and will also help with the multiple choice part of the Hunter test--the Hunter test also includes an essay--he would certainly benefit from practice writing essays to the Hunter test spec

go for it--test prep won't hurt, and might help your son, regardless of whether he can go to hunter


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