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2011 public schools


I know I'm early here, but ds will go to K in Sept 2011, will the school situation on the UWS be any better for that class? We're renting in 199 zone and want to move north to 199 or 87, for school and b/c I like the area better. The lottery for 2010 was/is crazy on the UWS. Apparently the DOE is saying 2011 will be better, that there was a baby boom in 2005-? DH is fed up and wants to move to Montclair, NJ. I'd prefer staying on the UWS. So although it's early for the 2011 question, considering private school tours, moving/house hunting, it'll come on quickly.


Sorry, we're now in 191...

Who knows? Personally, I think the baby boom is over and I know quite a few families leaving the city.

Here's what I do:
1) Apply to a few privates, only ones you would really consider sending ds to. Have ds take ERBS in the summer, so you'll have scores by Labor Day.
2) Do the Hunter SB testing in the fall, G&T testing in the new year.
3) Move to 199/452/87 zone in the fall, sign up for pre-reg Feb (?) 2012.

LP: And why Montclair? Doesn't that area have its own public school issues with charter/magnet schools & pending legal issues with "forced" racial desegregation?

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Ah, one other option - if you're Catholic or Jewish, parochial schools.

Blessed Sacrament, St. Ignatius (on UES).
Manhattan Day, Heschel (sp?), Rodeph Sholom, Beit Rabban - one more (don't remember the name)

DOE keeps saying that they will be doing rezoning, that may alleviate the overcrowded schools. if you decide to move, make sure that you're in the middle of the zone and not on the outskirts.

from my research on NJ schools, and i've been doing it for 4 yrs based on scores, Montclair never came in high enough to be considered. Millburn, Westfield and Chatham have been tops for most of their elementary schools. once you get to middle and high school, Summit comes in, some elementary schools are just so so. if you want great schools and willing to live more south, you can consider Marlboro and Manalapan. you get twice the house there as in the northern locations. one of my coworkers used to live there and had to travel almost 2 hrs to work. she moved out and now moved back there. her commute is about 1 hr to Port Authority, not too bad. $550K will get you 3500+ sq ft with a pool on 1/2 acre.


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