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Park Slope PS 321 vs. PS 39


I have a question about a place I'm looking at in Park Slope. The address is zoned for PS 39 but belongs to district 15. Is it possible to get into PS 321 which is also district 15?

no way. PS 321 is so overcrowded that the people who are zoned for it will not be able to get into it. a question for you. would you like your child to be taught in a trailer????

i expect that within a year or so, DOE will have no choice but to redraw the zoning for 321 because of all of the condos that were built on 4 Ave. the city does not have enough money to double the capacity of that school to have the kids learning like normal kids, in classrooms.

rumor I heard was that 3rd ave to 5th ave will get rezoned to PS 133 when construction is done in a couple of years.

Has anyone seen 401 8th Ave #53 in Park Slope? Listing is here:

Just wanted some thoughts.

PS 39 is another great school within district 15, remember district 15 has all the great schools in BK.

your statement "remember district 15 has all the great schools in BK." is the dumbest thing that i've heard in years. oh ye, the yuppies belive that. here are some examples for you of some horrible schools in that fantastic district.

PS 38, PS 32, PS 124, PS 15, PS 1, PS 94, PS 169, PS 131, PS 282
JHS 88, New Horizon School

and let's not even talk about High Schools


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