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The only units worth looking into, imho, are the 2bedrooms. H-line in particular.

i think its a great building its in the nice area of lic not the indrusial area
train is right around corner quik to nyc building is hot apts are hot the units in front are cut up uniquely (floorplans) prices are good they will trim asking price nicely they will pay your closeing costs only think negative i see is train yard across street dont know if those ideling trains all day and night are going to be hearable from units in front

Does anyone know what the block and lot number is?

I re-visited Murano recently. My first visit was during the summer. I liked the layouts of many of the 1BRs, but I was concerned about the rumors of idling LIRR trains during the day. Well, I finally visited Murano during the day. I do have to say that the noise coming from the idling LIRR trains is very audible and annoying during the day, even on the 7th floor with the windows closed. I guess others don’t mind all the humming noise, as the broker claims they are over 50% sold.

I've been in The Murano around 6 times in the past few months. The noise is noticeable, but in all fairness kind of fades away after a few minutes and if you're not really concentrating on it I think once shades are up and furniture is in place, they will absorb most of it. The trains are gone after 5 and aren't there on weekends. I don't think they are over 50% sold, because they haven't started closing yet.

I would suspect they are not over 50% either – but the broker commented that they are no longer negotiating price because they have reached 50%. Who knows what to believe?

Now that Hunters Point South seems like a definite reality, I have greater doubts about Murano and LIC. I’m all for affordable housing for working class people, but who knows what that development will turn into 5-10 years from now.

Weren't closings suppose to happen last summer?

Just think about all the construction that will be going on there. The area will be a nightmare for the next decade..

When I visited last summer, the sponsor's broker stated closings would occur by October. There is nothing on ACRIS.

Jose: "I’m all for affordable housing for working class people, but who knows what that development will turn into 5-10 years from now."

Yeah, the whole "working class people" bit is a myth. There might be a token presence of folks making salaries on the high-end of the spectrum who will be sold apartments looking over Queens. Otherwise, this is another tax-payer funded bonanza for the rich.

Oh, and Murano will have its views blocked by 2014. The 50%-sold figure is highly suspect, not to mention the building is overpriced.

The building is overpriced, like every other new building out there, but I personally know people who are in-contract and have negotiated VERY nicely with garage space included.

joseesq: Can you elaborate a bit, please?

"Now that Hunters Point South seems like a definite reality, I have greater doubts about Murano and LIC"

I have some reservations about the Hunters Point South complex as well. While it is currently set up as housing for middle-income working class families, does the city have the ability to change the "mission" to allow for low/no income families in the future? And the planned middle/high school seems small at ~1,000 seats, but what if plans get expanded to make it a large public high school? And how do students become eligible to attend this school? In my opinion, these factors would really affect the desirability of the neighborhood. Anyone have color on this?

The middle/high school will be zoned for kids in other neighborhoods as well (Astoria, Elmhurst, other side of LIC) not just the wealthier Hunters Point area. I would think twice if you're thinking of buying here.

@BLV, greenlc and thestreet pretty much summed up most of my concerns.

Resident of OHP here:

Middle income housing is a nice way for developers to get past a host of problems and then during the building process it turns out there aren't that many middle class houses. Look at atlantic rails yard project. Don't believe for a minute they are going to give away water front property for a song.

Besides that the construction site is pretty far away, thanks to the railyards. There is no way they are going to be building on the rail yards. The views will change but it will still have a nice view even when it changes in 10-20 years. Maybe a concern with trucks going up borden.

The trains idling sounds like an AC unit, the trains are only there weekdays, not holidays/weekends and only idle when its colder than 50 degrees.

Also keep in mind all these issues also only affect the south side of the building.

OHP, question for you. Did any of OHP residents ever try to have some trees/bushes planted along the fence? I'd think that the expense could be easily covered by everyone chipping in for something that will make a visual improvement. Obviously now that The Murano is about to start closings, their residents could be recruited as well. Thoughts?

BLV you can call 311, bloomberg has a program to plant trees.

OHP, I'm not a resident of OHP or Murano. I just thought that residents of those two building would try to get an organized effort regarding the trees going ;-).

Any updates regarding sales/closings?

@MK241, i didnt mean prices listed in the offering plan. I mean, if you're in contract, they do publish the CONTRACT prices of the other contracted units along with the amendments. Sorry if i was unclear. None of the prices that came with the last amendment showed anything close to 430. Units are closing in the upper 400s at the lowest.

BLV, the offering plan does call for having several new trees to be planted along the street after the rest of the construction is finished. Which side of the street, I'm not sure.

i was told that due to the zoning limitations, views on floors 7 up facing manhattan could never be obstructed. personally, i like the view of the rail road tracks and industrial buildings. and in other areas of LIC, unless you are on the water, it seems a certainty that any view you have will be blocked (such as in the powerhouse). i'm surprised there are complaints about the finishings; i loved the corian counters with built in sinks and the "wet room". appliances are very high end. i am concerned about the lack of light on the north side, but perhaps some light comes to the balconies from the east in the evening? i am confused as to why none of the 3 beds are listed on streeteasy or their web site. when i visited, it seemed like only a few of the larger units had already sold (the M line in particular)

I found out murano's Block number is 0034, the lot number is tricky. NYC ACRIS has a feature such that if you enter 0000 for lot number, it'll show you all lots on the block. I found out ( the time consuming way) that Murano's units are all in the 12xx range. There seems to be only one legit sales of unit 8j( block 0034, lot 1279 ). Looking further into it, there isn't even a mortgage record which means the person paid in cash. I personally rules out this record for reference as it looks very unusual to me.

I heard from a real estate broker that the Murano has hollow steel walls between units. Frankly, I am less concerned about the train noise (although I do intend to go there in the early am and evening to check it out) than I am about hearing my neighbors. Would love to know if anyone knows anything about this. The layouts are terrific just wish that they had designed the kitchen with normal GE stainless steel appliances that are full size and normal. At some point, I do not care how high end something is if I have to take it all out and start over! I am seriously in love with a 3-bedroom there, but am concerned about the long-term outlook for resale and such. Appreciate thoughtful feedback.

I hear they have only 4 more units to sell in order to reach 51%.

location is too noisy due to LIRR

Scratch that. Just heard it's 2 units, not 4.

I just signed a contract for 2 beds. I am in love with my building. Can't wait til move in

Congratulations, ahh!

I wonder if it means that only 1 unit is remaining in order to reach 51%.

Btw, did you also get a parking spot?

This condo is very close to reaching the 51% pre-sale for condo approval. This will open up financing options for sure.

What are 2 bedrooms selling for?

@BLV: Thanks a lot. No I didn't get a parking. I dont drive actually. I got 6E. Wish I had 7E :) There were a few contracts out to sign during my process, they should be over 51% by now.

@samroberts: Actually, the location is too quite during weekend :)

Don't be fooled. Prices skyrocketed. Much less just 3 wks ago. Prices increase over 15% across the board when sponsor decided to take on a new selling agent. Do your research before buying across from railroad tracks. Rip off.

@Hshntr: I got it before price change. Yes, did my research, aint that obvious? I dont know why they increased, but there might be reasons. If other ppl want to buy what can we do?

How about... we can choose not buy it. We can make sure we don't spend over a million in a building that sits across an obnoxiously loud rail yard. Add insult to injury by raising prices that dramatically? Let's not fool ourselves into thinking we bought something so great.

My Murano condo is not closed yet due to a dispute. Seller seems very arrogant. Dont know guys what's next, also not sure if it will be closed. Will keep updated for those who are interested.

What's the dispute?

I wonder why only a few units are showing as closed on Streeteasy.

@joseesq: I am not sure either, but I know they are over 50% in contract and bank approved me only for that reason.

Weird. I am curious at what price the units I was interested in sold for.

@ahh301: I just called the sales office and they confirmed 40% in contract. Are you approved for FHA or using a portfolio lender? These two methods of financing do not require the 51% fannie mae presale, only 30% is necessary to close. I'm waiting to close myself at Murano. Looks like we'll be neighbors!
@joseesq: You should look up the unit on Acris. They have listed 16 units already closed.

Developer is greedy and ruthless. It's not worth the money. Look at the finishes. They need to pay attention to details if they want to charge those kinds of prices. It's not The View. Far from it. Yet asking for similar pricing! Give me a break!


You out there? What's the dispute?

Ahh301 - any word on your closing? we are also looking at the Murano and wanted some feedback. would like to know what the dispute is and if anyone else has thoughts or feedback on their dealings?

Went back and forth a number of times in the negotiation process, no real issues. Get an attorney with experience in new developments. The offering plan is overwhelming.

@goonhome: I am happy to help you since you would be my future neighbor :). I moved in last week. Email me if you need help 718-419-2499.


@almostLIC: I moved in last week. Yes, looks like we will be neighbour. Which unit you got? contact me for any information you need. I am always ready to help neighbours. You will love the building!

Ahh, congrats on your move! I think I'm across the hall from you. I'll email you.

@almostLIC: Are you on 6th floor?

Ahh, yes, I'm on the 6th floor. I think our floor is entirely sold out except 6F.

Hi All, what is the percentage of selling number now?

Just checked out the Murano and have no idea where the negative comments are coming from. The kitchen's are gorgeous and very modern. It has a very "Miami" feeling. Clean lines, lots of sun (on the South), and super low common charges. This is the only building in LIC that offers protected river and city views. Unless you work from home, I don't see why the trains would be an issue. They aren't even here when most people would be home. I came back a second time at night and the views are unbeatable. If you want to see your values increase over time you are going to have to find a unit that isn't cookie cutter and that has something unique to offer. With the Hunters Point South development most building's with have their views completed obstructed. The Murano is lucky enough to not have to worry about this. I am in negotiations for a South facing 2 bed and hope to wrap things up this week. Great building and all the negative comments are from haters who bought a lesser quality product or who have no idea about where the market is headed in the near future.

just something to consider as I did with a young child and concern re: air quality. When u are in the south west facing corner 2 BR unit, there is a 3 story windowless yellow building with vents when u look west on borden ave. That is the midtown tunnel air exhaust. I'm not hating.. i REALLY wanted to like this building cuz I thought the interiors were nice and clean.

They're definitely over the 51% sold mark. They reached this over a month ago so I wouldn't surprised if they're close to 60% now.

Has anyone closed on a 1BR. What was the selling price? I am looking at a 1 BR and i am wondering how much they will negotiate? Also did they come down on the closing costs? Any help is much appreciated

Does anyone know what 1BR have sold for? How negotiable are they on parking spot and closing cost? Any help is appreciated

South side is very gorgeous!

Market is going up a little now. Thinking to SELL (or refinance) my 2 bed south facing w/ a little profit. My FHA loan MIP fee irritating me now.

hi ahh301, what line is your 2-bed in? (corner south H, or south only) - and how'd like living there so far? seems selling or refi are quite different options


@visitor_x: Due to FHA loan, its going beyond my affordability at some degree, so, thinking of buying 1 bed on F line by selling my 2 bed E line. Living is great specially on the south side. I don't need to turn on AC due to ample wind, and recently found that I don't need to turn on Heater either due to heavy sunlight. I guess south side gets the lowest electricity bill :).

thanks for your candor - sounds like the south side is working out:)

can anyone give me their info that currently lives in the building. I am currently negotiating and i wanted to speak with someone who actually lives there. Thanks!

@Fpugs: I have my contact info above. Its /718-419-2499.

haven't been to c this building yet. i was told by the sales director that i cannot come to the open house unless my broker accompanies me there. i was also told that if i used modern spaces as a dual broker that i would be able to get a better deal as the sponsor wouldn't have to pay out the full 6% to split w my buy side broker. i thought in a dual situation the broker gets 5%. I have never heard of being to told that u cannot come alone to an open house. when i go alone & the sellers agent asks me to sign in, i always disclose my brokers name & contact info. sometimes i just don't want company during the first viewing. ill know right away whether or not i can c myself living there. i am thinking that i may not bother at all w this place even tho it does pretty nice & i like the layouts of the 2beds. o well ...if anyone can shed some light onto how the dealings were for u id appreciate a reason to change my mind.

anyone know the prices of any 1 bedrooms that sold recently? also, is there any Negotiating with them? someone mentioned on here the prices are running about 20% high

look at the closing prices on SE it looks as though most of the units have sold for at least 5-20% less.

@Fpugs - were you able to get any good info? I am in the same boat...also does anyone know what the parking spaces are going for? my email is

@fpugs - were you able to get any good info? I am in a similar boat - looking but would like to get some good first hand info...also, anyone know what the deal/cost is with parking?

my emails is - if you have any good info on negotiating I'd appreciate it

@vlentini23 - You can negotiate down the price of parking. give me your contact info and i will tell you how everything went down.

Murano 2 bed 2 bath re-sale if you are interested -

Was in love with 2E, but it got sold/contract. So now looking at 3E and 4E

Anybody out there know the dimension of the master walk in closet-no dimensions written on floor plan. Wanted to see if my already built cabinets can be refitted there. Tried to get the info from Jermaine/Jeremy but told me that once i put in a offer I can know that info!

@Fpugs-can you give me your strategy on the parking--was thinking about it-but seemed to pricey.

I do agree with the other comments in regards to the broker for the building (jermaine/jeremy-cant remember) are rude and obnoxious like the developer. Would prefer dealing with the female there

my email is Thanks

@figolive: 6E is on RE-SALE by owner (me) directly. If you are interested. E line has the best layout and views. Here is the ad:

to ppl living there now - hows the maintenance been for the building? on a recent visit, there were some cosmetic issues inside the elevator I was in. dents in the aluminum grid below the ceiling lights and part of the elevator wall falling apart. I didn't see a service elevator so that may have something to do with it but wondering if problems like that are getting addressed. hallways tend to be quite narrow and the wooden moldings seem cheap and a bad fit in some spots.

Looking to get the 1bed with parking, can anyone give some suggestion on the price nego?

Is this what you call luxury living? Like someone said, LIC is a toxic dump indeed and OHP & Murano are in a pretty bad situation. Guess the residents are finally admitting it (for they have been ignoring it all this time since they blindly bought the condos!)

ahh301 is trying to sell his 2bdrm for a while now. While southern exposure anywhere else is great, doubt it is the case at the Murano. Front row action to the train yard.

What a weird historical thread. What's up with all the civility and lack of derogatory comments?

Comment removed.

Seriously. Something sketchy about this building. Seems like a sinking ship?

Hello, we just came from looking at a few units in this building ... Is there anyone on this thread that bought and is happy with their apartment? I've read a lot about the noise and air pollution but it seems that there has been some publicity around the issues and an effort to improve the standard of living? Im also curious about whether people are happy with what was described as a pretty unfriendly/unusable kitchen? Has anyone succesfully added a hood above the stove for example? I love the area and the apartments seem spacious.... Any feedback on the building would be great, thank you!

I also looked recently, and wonder about how happy the current residents are. What is the quality of the kitchen materials? Did they fix things that were not right when you moved in? What about sound-proofing within the building? Do you hear your neighbors? How is the water pressure? Also, rumor has it that the prices are barely negotiatle, like maybe $25,000 off, although they'll pick up closing costs. Does anyone know if this is the reality?

I looked last weekend. I think the prices are way out of line for the area and the quality they are selling. Basic errors in construction such as rough edges around bath tubs in the dry wall, no vents over stoves, closets that are too small to hang anything in. The fact that some of these units have been on the market almost 3 years is very telling. Please, let us hear from insiders.

I keep coming back to see this building. There are several units unsold. Is anyone thinking the two story building to the west will be sold, and developed blocking views. Am I crazy?

I think that building next door will be sold eventually, but unlikely in the short term......though in 5 years or so it's pretty conceivable. That being said these apartments are still pretty good value for LIC per square foot. Anymore feedback on the noise? Is it bothering people if you're on the South Side? I went there during the week and the train noise was pretty intense, but it's supposed to be better during the warmer months.

Did anyone notice the actual size on the unit smaller than what they claimed? Can someone provide some feedback?

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The building is now officially 100% sold out. If you are interested in 1 bedroom condos, I have availability at my new project around the corner. Email me for more details. Christina

My email address did not come through there. It is christina[@]modernspacesnyc[.com]

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