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303 East 33rd near NYU medical center


anybody looking into buying in this condo

There are several other posts with this exact question.

luxuary conod amentitties

not a great area for a luxury condo and it's loud with the sirens at all hours.

I've been inside the building and the walls are so thick you can't hear anything....even on the lower floors. Amenities are impressive....large gym, game room, and nice roof deck. Not to mention tax abatement and low maintenance for a NYC condo because it's a green building. Great building.

I've been to the sales office, and the green concept was really appealing--although everything else seemed pretty standard.

It is unfortunately in a horrendous area--bucause of: (1) the public service estalishments in the immediate neighborhood; and (2) the super-busy "area code 718 traffic." The entire area is mixed-income and disability-friendly (incl. mental disorders). There are also projects close by (a few blocks down). If you are interested in purchasing, you should try visiting the area at various hours. You will see what I mean. There are some nice areas within Kips Bay, but not there.

I'd rent there perhaps, but I won't buy. The hospitals and the mixed-income housing aren't going anywhere.

The area is not terrible, but it is quite average. Right next to NYU hospital and Kips Bay housing, which is a well-established condo, with plenty of well-to-do doctors and other professionals. Minimal entertainment over there, other than the movies. Third avenue has much more to do. Prices still seem quite high for that location and this time period.

IMO, the area is better than upper west side area close to the hudson river.

For the price, the finishes are excellent and it is significantly better than most of the available condos in the area (resales) in my opinion.

Do yourself a favor and ignore nyc212's comments, he is wrong on every single count. The area is busy, but you have access to two quick ways out of the city (a pro for some people). Not to mention that you are close to lots of other transportation. The area (Murray Hill) is about as mixed income as the rest of Manhattan, that's all say about that. As for the hospital that spans several blocks... yes, it is a hospital, there are lots of things that go on in a hospital. It isn't like your are living across from Arkham Asylum.

has anyone seen thier model apartment?

you can very clearly see all the apartments from across the street actually. It looks like a nice building, but there really isn't a great grocery store or close transportation nearby. The tunnel traffic isn't much of an issue below 34th st, and neither really are the projects. It's not a bad neighborhood, it's a blah one. It's all about what you prefer. However, the apts still seem overpriced given the lack of proximity to an established community, parks, grocery store and subway.

how does the building look inside?

There is a D'Agastino on 35th and 38th and 3rd, a Food Emporium on 32nd and 3rd and a Gristede's on 32nd and 3rd. 6 subway is on park and 34 and bus runs crosstown on 34 and up and down 2nd. That's pretty good transportation unless you need to get to the W Village or UWS. I agree I hear lots of sirens. There are many bars in the area, but I would say the food is lacking (check out chowhound), but there are some gems.

north facing side may not get that much siren noise. I beleive the south side is one way to the hospital and could be a bit noisy.

It's not the greatest area nor is it the worst. 3rd ave is substancially better.
It is a very mixed income area and the projects are a couple blocks away. And it feels a bit seedy 24th st to 29th.
Food choices aren't that great but you are central enough to get to great spots. Subway is not around the block. Particularly this area, 1st to 2nd ave and 2nd to third ave feels like a mile.
718 crowd IS abundant.
MRussell, don't know what alternate universe your 33rd and 2nd ave block is in and though a bit harsh, nyc212's description is not far off.

And this building is still not finished. I have a birdseye from my terrace, the top 6 floors that are floor to ceiling windows look ready for kitchen/bathroom/flooring instalations. Roof has recently recieved finishing touches.

South facing units have the luxury of a small park before being overtaken by massive buildings. I can't imagine north facing units getting any light with the 30 plus floor buildings immediately across. Not to mention midtown tunnel entrance traffic noise.

I lived at the Rivergate for 2 yrs, 1st and 34th. The description by NYC212 is a bit more accurate than MRussell. The only thing there are the bars on 3rd, and I wouldn't call it convenient to public transport at all. I think the bus was voted slowest cross town bus in Manhattan. The walk to Park for the 6, only train around, is a serious walk, especially in the winter.

After looking at the website and seeing the roof reflecting pool and deck, sorry, roof is not finished, it's not even started.

JP78 is pretty spot on also.

There is a D'Agastino on 35th and 38th and 3rd, a Food Emporium on 32nd and 3rd and a Gristede's on 32nd and 3rd.

I live and work in the area - these are all not great grocery stores, the produce sections are particularly deplorable. The walk to the 6 can easily take 10 minutes if there's a lot of traffic. While that's fine, even enjoyable on some days, it is horrible when it is cold, sweltering or pouring. The sirens are on second avenue. NYU isn't a trauma center, so most of the sirens are going to Bellevue after a certain hour, also 33rd st goes West, not east, so sirens wouldn't turn onto the street to get to the hospitals. The best restaurants are north 10 blocks, south 15 blocks, or west. That said, it's not a terrible walk to any location you might want to visit. It's not a bad area, it's just not ideal.

The location has its advantages and disadvantages. As MRussell said, it is very convenient to a "city exit" if you are a reverse commuter or go to the airports very frequently. Also, forget the grocery stores are right near Todaro Brothers which has amazing meat, fish, cheese, produce and prepared foods. If you don't want to go to to 29th st or 3rd ave for staples, order them from Fresh Direct.
Transport within the city from this location is pretty awful, the schlepp to the 6 will have you taking the crosstown bus on lousy weather mornings, believe me its a hike. And heaven help anyone whose commute, or even social life, is dependent on the 2nd avenue bus. Entire generations are known to be born and die between "bus packs".

As far as food and bars the area has a lot of perfectly good neighborhood places and few "destination" ones. The bars tend to cater the Murray Hill post-grad crowd and that gets old. I never found the area "718" (can't even figure out where that would be coming from but I did move away two years ago) as much as I did "my cell phone is still the whatever area code I grew up in".

On the other hand if you have kids, you are zoned for PS 116 which about as good as it gets.

As for the projects, this is not one of those areas that is project dominated. There are a few NYCHA buildings mixed in with Mitchell Lama and private housing, diversity of income groups--what a radical idea.

it seems like opinion is split on the area and location but how about the quality of the building?

After looking at the prices of these apartments compared to kips bay(300 e 33rd), they seem quite high. I've been in kips bay many times, and it's a big-generic condo with a pretty nice fenced in courtyard and parking and a basketball court. Financing would also be easier with an established condo. All of the apartments are large and since it's also a condo many units are combined and totally renovated. Why not purchase there and renovate for less than the cost of 303 e. 33rd?

where is this kips bay 300 e 33rd. isnt a rental building?

where is this kips bay 300 e 33rd. isnt a rental building?

where is this kips bay 300 e 33rd. isnt a rental building?

sorry, 330 e. 33rd.

is this building ready for closing?

it's a new green condo on 2nd avenue and 33rd

how is the lobby and model apartments

how is this building compare to 110 3rd, the first manhattan condo by tolls

any update on the sale of 303. Is this building in demand or popular?

dude, your getting a bit neurotic.
Why don't you make an appointment for yourself already....what's the big deal?

(PS) Looks like a good protion of the roof is done, I saw someone watering plants up there. Doesn't look like bathrooms/kitchens are in yet, certainly not the floors.

Well, I think there is too much agent traffic on this site, so walshcoop might need to get his/her information elsewhere.

My posting from 5 days ago was apparently completely wrong and my information needs to be entirely ignored--although I know the area very, very well and give some specific information that cannot be disputed (e.g., the HUUUUUUUGE mixed-income complex a block south of the bldg.).

If you visit the bldg. and walk around the area, walshcoop, you'd understand who needs to be ignored... Don't get info from anonymous sites, where sales agents spend all day promoting their bldgs.

are there sale agents promoting buildings on this site


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