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1 Vernon Jackson - Quality?


This has been my most anticipated building in LIC and I have really been looking forward to checking it out. The website is online now and there are a couple of things that bother me.

a) It seems like there's no central air, there is a large hvac in the wall of one of their photos.

b) the kitchen appliances seem pretty low-end compared to other new development. (E.g. Jenn-air stove as opposed to Miele, Wolf, Viking, Bosch)

For the high PSF they are asking, seems like the units could have central air and the appliances could be a lot nicer.

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Are you being facetious? You seem to be pretty familiar with the property in LIC so I don't know if you are being serious. Arris, Powerhouse, L Haus, ten63 all have central air, to name a few just in LIC.

Out of 28 buildings, we've only been to one that didn't have central air, 5 roebling.

As a top of the line new development, One Vernon should have central air and better appliances.

And not be in Long Island City.

floorplans are really weird. maybe the did the best they could given the shape of the building, but still, really weird and bedrooms are almost all teeny tiny.

I really liked the bldg, but agreed on the weird floor plans and the teeny tiny bedrooms. The location to the subway and vernon is awesome though. The units on the higher levels are really nice, but the ones on the lower levels get kind of weird

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CarolSt - Quite succintly, I think that having hvacs protrude into rooms that are already smallish detract from the units. Almost every other unit I have looked at does not have such hvacs protruding into the unit. You are confused, or you are argumentative or a combination thereof if you think that central air is a magically rare beast in new developments.

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I have to agree with CarolSt on this one. The majority of places I have seen have the protruding units. They are unsightly though and I wish they werent there!

The HVAC units are ugly, but some are uglier than others. The one ones in hunters view and foundry are gigantic! Some of the other ones are not as bad, but still not attractive.
I thought the View had central air? They have vents on the walls, similar to Arris and Murano. While I like this a lot better aesthetically, they seem to be just as noisy and they are probably taking up similar space (in terms of thicker walls).

The View and Murano have central air. I think Vere might. Not sure about Arris. The others, including Powerhouse, 5SL and L Haus definitely have PTACS.

Just to confirm.
Powerhouse uses HVAC. I know because i have one of those in every room in my unit.

Not sure about the rest.

I apologize CarolSt I stand corrected regarding Powerhouse and L Haus.

HVAC is a general term: heating/ventilation/air conditioning.

Those fugly through-wall units are called (I believe) "packaged terminal units" and can be found inmost any low-end motel.

Why they don't just inject Long Island City's pollutants intravenously in liquid form, rather than this slow death by respirator thing, is anyone's guess.

I think alanhart has LIC turrets.

Any updates on recent pricing?

Any updates on pricing at 1 VJ?

Any updates on pricing? What is PSF that has been accepted?


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