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City' selling Brooklyn Heights co-ops


The city has opened up waiting lists for Mitchell-Lama apartments in the Brooklyn Heights "area." Most expensive co-op: $61,000 for three bedrooms:

where's the listing. are you sure it is only foe 2 dependents and up? ususally the have 1 br too when they make such announcements

The ad was in the New York Times and there's info on the HPD site. And you're right: Depending on the number of dependents - fewer than 2 or more than 2 - in any size unit, the income limits range from around $21,000 to $152,000.

are you sure it isn't Crown Heights

Here's the headline:

I can't seem to find it online What is the address of the place or what page in the Times?

Where is this building? (I can't access that link from my work.)

Apologies, but I tore the ad out of a long-gone copy of the newspaper last week. I've posted all I know about getting additional info, including the link to the NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development: Sorry and best of luck!

I should mention that you have until next month to mail in a postcard that enters you into the Mitchell Lama lottery, so you have plenty of time to look into the waiting lists when you are at another computer.

I'm not eligible for that stuff. I was just wondering where in BH there was a Mitchell Lama building. Now, Downtown Brooklyn, I would understand.

There are a couple of ML buildings in Brooklyn Heights, but I can find nothing about any open lotteries for them on the HPD site, and their Brooklyn phone hotline makes no mention of it either. Perhaps the NYT ad is the only mention - I imagine that those lotteries get filled up with friends/relatives of HPD staff anyway, so the need to advertise is only to meet a legal requirement,not to actually solicit applications. NYT is certainly not the right venue for finding low income people, after all. (yes, I know, i'm talking generally)

The income limit goes as high as $151,570 (for a 3BR with 2 dependents or more), so it's not exactly low income by any standard as I'm sure, stF62, appreciate.

I wonder if you can apply as many times as you want. Can I send in 1000000000 postcards?

Found it - right on the HPD site. If anyone wins, please take me out for a very posh dinner.

First item in the list - Cooperative, Bk Hts, click on the link "Download the PDF".

You're welcome.

Alan, you beat me to it. Okay, we'll split the posh dinner.

I believe the Mitchell-Lama buildings are all NO PETS ALLOWED.

saw the ad on HPD site I think and sent in a homemade postcard thinking why not. it's for Cadman Towers. I just received letter saying I'm one of the 200 they drawed for 3 BR. Wonder how long the wait will be.

I put in a postcard and I got no letter! Wah! Good for you, vantu. There aren't a lot of 3-bedrooms, but some move every year. Maybe you'll get lucky again!

I'm one of the 300 for 1 BR. Anyone have a clue how long is the wait?

I hae to assume this is for the buildings on Cadman Plaza near the AC station. There are a few pretty big ones, that definitely look the Mitchell-Lama type.

i was pretty low on the list for one of the one-bedrooms, but the way they describe the income restrictions was deceptive/confusing. it was actually $55,327 for one person, not $72k. (which would be for a married couple). So I miss out -- easy come, easy go. Woulda been nicer if they told me that before I assembled all my paperwork -- I had told them what I made months ago. Oh well.


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