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building at 315 East 72nd Street


Can anybody comment about this building: relative value, quality of staff, management, bugs, etc. I was familiar with the building shortly after it converted (mid-80s) and am interested in returning. Anybody have any thoughts?

is this a land lease building?

No. The co-op bought the land and building in 1985.

Does anyone know if this building has a bug/pest problem?

I don't know about bugs, but curious why there are always so many apartments on the market. It's not that big a building.

Is the inventory really that high in this building? If there are ~15 floors (there are additional PH floors in the picture), and at least 14 apts. per floor (as the floorplans go out to "O" and they don't use a unit "I") there are ~210 units in the building plus the PH units. There are six units listed as on the market or in contract, which is under 3%, which actually seems low.

Why would you think there are "always so many apartments on the market"?


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