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building at 125 East 84th Street


anyone have any information on this building?

Does anyone know any details about the Synagogue / School on 86th adding floors to the building which may block light / open views to the north-facing apartments, the C/D lines in this building? Is this happening?

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All those classic 6 buildings on 84th St. in the 100s (address) - I have never understood why they trade to expensive- $1200 per square foot for old housing stock. Never made sense to me, not even for the PS 6 address.

Thank you for the info NWT - exactly what I wanted to know. You are right, 85th, and good point about those tenements buildings too.

There wasn't a lot of light in many of those units to begin with--even those that cleared Ramaz--but this will certainly make the back of the building significantly darker.

The townhouses on 85th street could be developed, but there are individual owners in the units, so I imagine that it would be difficult. Besides, Ramaz covers most of the back of 125 East 84th.

I think that the buildings trade so well because they're off of Park, great layouts, small enough for a starter apartment for many families looking to remain in the UES.

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Interesting thread. I'm interested in buying in the building and have wondered about negatives If the only negative is the light I don't think the apartment is dark. convenient, good location. seems quiet.

For what it's worth I had seen a couple of units and classic layout. Bit too rich in the downpayment (building requires 50%) ask but one can dream. I don't get the concern about the light. Mostly shorter buildings in the area and should they be rebuilt with additional floors, wouldn't compromise light. North light is less harsh than south - just my preference. On the price, still lower than anything with a Park Ave view but close enough to command more than any neighboring buildings to the east.


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