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The Royal York


Has anyone looked at this building? and if so, any comments re pros and cons of buying into this condop?

The building is very well run. The doormen, maintenance staff etc are all very helpful. We have lived in the building for the last 3 years, and are very happy here. If you get a unit that faces the courtyard it will be very quiet.

The one and two bedrooms are big, and some of the units have been fully renovated by the sponsor so they have modern finishes. Of course this is a post war first avenue coop so prices do reflect that.

Jared have you sold your unit?

Recently check out a unit there and the bathrooms had absolutely zero ventilation. Tissue placed against the vents showed zero movement. Very concerned about mold and mildew as these bathrooms are not windowed. Any thoughts?

hc6219, was there an exhaust fan in the bathroom?

Hi Jared2011 - i have been told that every apt has a vent on the roof thats sucks out the air - the fans run from about 7am - 10:30 at night/ maybe a mt, issue on the roof which they can check and fix. i live in the royal york, have lived here for 13 years, and am a broker - I have sold prob 50 apts here - great building with excellent financials. Best regards - Sonya Orley

I remember seeing one listing last year that said 80% MIN down. Is that accurate?


It's 20% minimum down, 80% maximum financed. Or so a current Halstead listing says.

The bathrooms are windowless, so there's an exhaust fan on the roof for each stack of baths. If they weren't running and it wasn't the dead of night, ask why.

Does anyone know why the one bedrooms are relatively cheaper than others in the same area?

Especially since there is no restrictions to renting them out.

Is it really only 20% down 80% financed? this unit last year had 80% MIN DOWN. That could be a reason why bedrooms are cheaper....basically straight cash homey!

I am quite sure it is 20% down, not 80%.

it is 80% financing allowed. i'm certain.

Since this is a condop - how should it be priced psf wise?

We've owned in this building for the past three years. We've used it as both a pied-a-terre and as a rental. It is a great building. LArger than average size. Flexible rules (pets, rentals, approvals, etc.) Very well maintained by on-site team, good financials, excellent friendly door staff.

We put about 35% down so it is definitely not 80% down required. As others have noted - it is min 20% down.

Only negative is distance to subway.


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