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Pre-K in PS 111


Has anyone had experiences, good or bad, with pre-K in PS 111? I know it has the reputation of not being a very good school overall, but does that mean that pre-K there is not very good? And how much does "not very good" matter for pre-K?

On a related note, any resources where I could look it up also appreciated. Lots of people recommended, but I did not find anything at all helpful there - the review of PS 111 is from 2003.

Thanks in advance.


I know someone whose kid went to pre-k at 111 before moving to burbs. They were happy with it. Ask the school if the pre-K has a separate entrance/exit and dropoff/pickup times from K-5.

Sorry, don't know anything about PS 111, but have an opinion about your other questions.

We're sending our oldest to a pre-k program at a "less desirable" elementary school. As long as it's safe, challenging, and fun, it meets my criteria at this point. The only instance in which i can imagine it "mattering" is if you eventually plan on applying to private schools and, quite honestly, i'm not convinced that it would be a hindrance (since there are so many other factors - type of kid, parents, test scores, $$$, good fit, blah blah blah - that come into play).

Can you visit and talk to other parents?

and maybe it would matter for G&T prep?? not sure. again, probably depends on many other things.

Hi newbuyer- you are up on the uws now? we did public prek this year after 2 years in private. don't know about 111. we are downtown in ps 40. Hope you're doing well. best to your wife and kids.

oh new - go on ub and ask but not today because replies are down. do a search and maybe you can find some info.

insideschools is crap. you have parents trying to elevate their schools when they are on In Need of Improvement list from BOE. look at and then try other boards.

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Thanks, all. Yes, we are on west side now. We will definitely try to visit.

I looked at urbanbaby, did not see any relevant discussions on it, but can go and just start one.


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