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Chrisie for president

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said President Barack Obama needs to “get in and lead” to avert a U.S. government shutdown as Congress grapples over a spending plan.

“It would be a failure of everyone involved, of the Congress and the president, if they don’t get this done,” Christie, 48, said in excerpts of an interview with “ABC World News” scheduled to air today.

“Shutdown is a failure of everybody, including the president,” Christie said. “Because in the end, we’re here to stand up for principles, to say the things that we believe in, but we’re also here to lead and run a government.”

During the interview Christie also said he doesn’t plan to challenge Obama for the White House in the 2012 election.

Thats Christie.

And I'm not going to grow six extra arms.

he's way much more fun to listen to than obama!

He is fun to listen to and often says the right things. Obama comes off as lecturing.
I have no idea if Christie would be a great President, I do know Obama is disappointing more each day and that the left wing of the Democratic party has lost faith in him, which is not good considering the right wing of the republican party will never go for Obama.
It should be interesting what happens with Hillary Clinton. She may challenge him.

He's way much more smart than obama to

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"It should be interesting what happens with Hillary Clinton. She may challenge him."

No she is not. You teabaggers need to get that fantasy out of your head. It is not happening.

How could Mrs. Clinton possibly challenge Chris Christie? He'd just sit on her face and suffocate her.

How can Obama prevent a shutdown when the teabaggers want it? Kind of hard to do, no?

Are you referring to the Republican shutdown of the United States government? I thought that was just about the GOP's bizarre fixation on abortion and air pollution.

Republicans passed another resolution to keep government running. It's on Obama if he vetoes it.

The Republicans want to shut down the govt. over the EPA and Planned Parenthood. It has nothig to do with spending. Obama should veto the CR if it includes any EPA/ Planned Parenthod riders.

The American people reject the weasly clauses that the GOP inserted, so Obama must veto.

When will the Republican party get serious and stop making a group mockery of their offices and of the United States of America? Really, it's like watching a bunch of alcoholic fratboys after they've had too many 50-cent beers ... pissing on lawns and in doorways and on cars and on their dates.

And the only reason Planned Parenthood is a GOP target is because of a heavily edited "sting" video made by James O'Keefe. Isn't it nice that a 27 year old kid with a video camera is dictating federal policy?

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Gov. Martin O'Malley for president!!

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O'Malley's one-liners on Christie's turf - David Catanese: O'Malley's one-liners on Christie's turfApril 06, 2011
Categories:Governors' races
O'Malley's one-liners on Christie's turf
Democratic Governors Association chairman Martin O'Malley took his roadshow to New Jersey, where he tested some new one-liners and jabbed at his favorite Republican foil, Gov. Chris Christie.

The Maryland governor carried over his "candy or vegetables" metaphor while sprinkling his routine with fresh Bruce Springsteen references.

Here are O'Malley's best lines from the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in New Brunswick:

"You're the home of the New Jersey Devils . . . we're the vacation home of former Vice President Dick Cheney . . .

We house much of the federal government - and nationally nobody seems to care . . . you house the Giants and Jets, and nationally nobody seems to notice . . .

In Maryland, we threw out a mean-spirited, ineffective, Republican governor after just one term . . .

And in New Jersey, well, let's just say it's good to know we have so much in common."


"Instead of standing up for the middle class, we get stand-up comedy routines from colorful characters like your governor. But his record is no laughing matter:

Raising property taxes on senior citizens and on the disabled, while giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires; Driving up his own Youtube ratings, while driving down New Jersey's bond ratings.

Slashing public education - and even losing 400 million Race-to-the-Top investment dollars by messing up the paperwork!"

"NJ voters don't want Governor Christie for president

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is often mentioned as a presidential contender, but fewer than one in four voters in his home state would back him as a candidate, a poll released on Thursday said..."

My wife is no Christie fan, but I suppose that's an element of sometimes aggressive stance towards women in those videos (she's old fashioned) and for asethetic reasons. Personally, I hope he stays as Governor because we need him here.

Oh, and also, I think NY is doing well with Cuomo because Cuomo became a realist and his legacy needs to be different from his father during a different era.

When Christie loses 20 lbs. you can bet he's getting ready to run.
Two notches on the belt and it's going to be a race.
Think his heart can go 4 years sitting in the White House?
I'll give that fat bastard 18 months. It's all about picking the right VP. Let's ask McCain how that works out.
Oh, the fun headlines that's going to make.
President Chris "the situation" Christie.
Gloating, Taxing, Lying

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You know he's doing a good job when opponents revert to commenting about his weight. That's all they have.

So is Obama doing a good job when his critics start talking about birth certificates?

Obama will go down as the President in charge who did nothing to stop the largest concentration in banking assets in ever seen in our country and a Federal Reserve who continues to find ways to transfer wealth from the real economy to the banking sector.

He'll also go down as a President who sent conflicting messages regarding the use of American armed forces. We're now actively engaged in more theaters than under George W Bush.

The birther thing is a distraction used by a certain person who is publicity hungry and not really running for anything.

"...Christie’s Popularity Takes a Hit in New Polls...

...For the first time in over a year, the ranks of New Jersey residents who disapprove of Gov. Chris Christie have surpassed those who approve of his performance.

Public opinion on the governor remains closely divided. According to a new poll from Monmouth University/NJ Press Media, 47% of New Jersey residents approve of Christie while 49% disapprove...

...A SurveyUSA poll released last week found the first majority of New Jersey residents — 56% — voicing disapproval of the governor, as compared to 36% who approve of his performance..."

Can everyone say one term governor? Good bye Chris Christie, hello Gov. Cory Booker!

Things could turn around, I would not gloat yet.

I'm still waiting for my property tax rebate that Christie promised.

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Too fat to be my president.

"Chris Christie Would Be A Bad Vice President: New Jersey Voters "

christie would be an awesome president! he told some judgy woman to mind her own business! it would be worth it just to watch how he handles himself for 4 years. that guys is great. it's a uk poll. didn't someone out there orchestrate a horrible and humiliating effort of calling american voters in 08 to convince them not to vote for bush? and most of those callers eneded up getting their asses handed to them by the "stupid" americans they were graciously trying to guide? wtf do they know?

that's not the right number is it. it was 04.

god help me, it's not a uk poll, it's a uk article siting an inconsequential poll. i may not know wtf i'm talking about but neither do they. people like christie out here.

and just to round this out, fwiw, when i try to get a woman's opinion about christie, it often involves his weight, and something vague about schools. not much insight into how his bad "school" behavior will impact them or what particular points they object to. just he's fat and he wants to ruin the schools. i do think their husbads may be closet chritie supporters though. because christie is awesome.

and to really really round this out, i think his opponents should just cut to the chase and start running graphics of him looking fat and like opening his mouth to eat a sandwich, but the sandwich should be an adorable little child. jaba the fat gov will eat your children.

to quote the esteemed rich penthouse lady:

"Are you as much of an idiot as you sound."

"Are you as much of an idiot as you sound."

entirely possible. but that doesn't mean i'm wrong.

how was the flight? any good movies?

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out of what?

"Christie Loses 2nd Term Support as Residents Oppose Cuts

More than half of New Jersey residents say they wouldn’t back Governor Chris Christie for a second term, disapproving of his choices on a range of policy and personal issues, from killing a commuter tunnel to using a state-police helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game...."

These polls are great! Here we have NJ needing to float a loan from banks to keep to it's budget and some stupid poll comes out that NJ residents don't like his policy of trying to balance the budget. Just goes to show why politics is all panem et circenses

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"NJ residents don't like his policy of trying to balance the budget."

Giving tax subsidies to an indoor ski slope does not sound like balancing the budget to me.

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hey it's this thread. adderall is really not the cure all they say it is.

"reduce salaries retroactively."

How does that work? Does that mean all workers would have to write a check to the state?

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"Simply, the current value of the excess past payments could be subtracted from the pension amount."

So you don't want old peopel to have enough money to pay their mortgage?

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peopel move around a lot today

hey looky here!

and again, women don't like him because he's fat. and because he's "destroying the schools". although this other recent poll from the same source finds that people most concerned about "the schools" are somewhat.......conflicted about how to improve them or at least not "destroy" them further.

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too fat

" Fitch downgrades New Jersey's credit rating from AA to AA-
Fitch downgraded its rating for New Jersey general obligation bonds by one step from AA to AA-. The ratings firm said recent changes to public workers' health care and retirement benefits will save the state billions of dollar in the long-term but stress New Jersey's finances in the short-term...."

With the party’s front-runner sagging, Chris Christie is reconsidering pleas from Republican elites and donors to run for president in 2012, two Republican sources told POLITICO.

The New Jersey governor has indicated he is listening to big-money backers and Republican influence-makers, and will let them know in roughly a week whether he has moved off his threat-of-suicide vow to stay on the sidelines of a presidential race that remains amorphous heading into the fall, the two sources said.

Read more:

Obama over Christie anyday.

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I know the right wing (and even middle of the road) pundits and politicos have a hard on for Christie, but I do not get it. The GOP primary voters - all who matter, do not get excited over him when he is mentioned in polls. Not even a little. Perry, even still, yes. But Christie? Don't see it. I think the pundits would love to write about him, but he is not the right-wing savior the VOTERS want, even if he is the "moderate" one the big money guys want.

He's charismatic, speaks his mind and carries out his message. He's doesn't just preach Austerity he practices it. The fact that his detractors discuss his weight, means they have nothing better to jump on.

if he runs i'm on team christie. team christie! and how about herman cain in florida? elections are like my xmas season. election stuff DURING xmas season? omgomgomg...this is shaping up to be very exciting, i think.

Perry and Bachman and Cain speak there mind. That is not enough. He is too centrist for the GOP primary crowd.

and NJ's economy is roaring ahead. I don't see Christie's ideas are any better than Obama. I'll stick with Obama.

"He's doesn't just preach Austerity he practices it."

Now Riversider, before I call you an idiot for saying that, I will give you one chance to take that comment back. If you retract it, I will pretend you never said it.

"and NJ's economy is roaring ahead. I don't see Christie's ideas are any better than Obama. I'll stick with Obama."

At least Christie can attack Obama for getting the country's credit rating downgraded. Oh wait, never mind:

Here is a fun game. Below are some quotes, and you have to guess which ones came from Christie, and which ones came from Obama:

“What I support is making sure that the federal government [plays] each and every one of its roles: Securing the border, enforcing immigration laws, and having an orderly process — whatever that process is — for people to gain citizenship.”

"From this day forward any plans that anyone has regarding any type of (new) coal-based generation of energy is over."

TRICK QUESTION: Both quotes come from Christie!

And Chrstie is NOT running for president. He just became the new vice-chairman of the Republican Governors Association. If he was running, he would not have taken the job since he can't hold the job and run at the same time.

He may run, who knows. I do think nationally he would be a better candidate versus O than either Romney or Perry. My whole spiel is that he holds little appeal from primary (and especially caucus voters), and lots of appeal to pundits and plutocrats.

"and lots of appeal to pundits and plutocrats."

What Pundits Often Mean When They Refer To "People"

Answer: Other pundits.

There was a perfect example of it this morning on Meet the Press when host David Gregory praised a think tank speech that New Jersey's Republican Gov. Chris Christie gave last week:
Perhaps more telling though, is the recent poll that showed if Christie ran against Obama in 2012, the governor would lose his home state by nearly 20 points. That's right, Christie would get trounced by Obama in N.J.

Poll: Christie would lose to Obama in New Jersey

On a side note, with the exception fo Rick Perry and Ron Paul, EVERY Repiblican candidate in the race would lose their home state to Obama. Romney would get slaughtered in Mass. by Obama. And Bachmann would get desroyed in Minnesota.

Christie is betting Obama will win and will run in 2016. That's been the plan from day one, but people refuse to believe it.

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"....New York Magazine made this morning by outlining his stances on gun control, climate change, education, Muslims, and of course immigration (the same issue that seems to have derailed Perry’s status as the frontrunner). Family Research Council President Tony Perkins all but confirmed that today at the National Press Club, telling reporters that Christie “would have a difficult time gaining a lot of support from social conservatives” should he run for president. Watch it:..."

Five Things Conservative Voters Would Hate About Chris Christie

This guy is great.
"Don't send it to them in the first place"

"Treasurer: Christie administration will close shortfall by borrowing transportation money despite promise [not to do exactly that]

NJ has the lowest bond rating of any state - lower than IL, CA, and certainly than NY. But he is held up as some shining example of fiscal responsibility by the CNBC pundits. Now this...

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why u guys love obailout so much?

i'm from a democrat family and i'll vote for whoever is obailout's opponent

NJ job growth versus NY and Pennsylvania. Ouch.

...and before you accuse him of cherry picking, the same data set shows that from December 2007, NY =100 percent of its former peak employment, PA = 98 percent, and the US = 96.5, while NJ = 95.

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Apparently, Perry should be VP, not Christie. NJ is one of the worst 5 states in terms of GDP growth.

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"Chris Christie's Angry Retort Shows Lack of Knowledge on Economy"

anybody but Obama "the Private Sector is doing fine"..

only a socialist would uttter those words

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christie will do a lot of wrong things and few right things, obailout with talk about lots of right things but do wrong things instead

a socialist funded by GS? some one should go check his head asap

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he's lost weight. you can see around the neck. you know what that means.


seriously loled. NO!

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Comment removed.

hi truth! it's going ok. not sure how far i would get waiting around for hb to come rescue me.

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