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Huge loss for taxpayer milking union Democrats


At a press conference just moments ago, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus explained how “human error” caused nearly 15,000 votes from the city of Brookfield to be excluded from early county tabulations.

A clearly nervous Nickolaus said that she first discovered that data for Brookfield was missing when she uploaded a database of county votes to a state system, and noticed that all rows and columns for the city contained zeros. On Wednesday, the county’s bipartisan canvassing board began reviewing those unofficial results — which didn’t contain the Brookfield numbers — with official tape totals from voting machines throughout the county. They found a discrepancy.

“I discovered that the data that was sent to me from the city of Brookfield was not transferred to the final report that was given to the media on Tuesday night,” Nickolaus said. Heavily red Brookfield, she said, had cast 10,859 for Prosser and 3,456 for Kloppenberg, netting the incumbent over 7,000 votes and a lead that could put him beyond the legal trigger for a mandatory recount.

Of course where liberals lose elections, Socialist fantasizes voter fraud. Hilarious.

Wisconsites sure are sending a message to Gov. Walker- they like what he is doing!

This situation deserves an investigation from neutral observers. Who si running the election? Katherine Harris?


..aka some union leech was paid $$$ to mess around with the votes

A bipartisan board confirmed the results:

At one point Ramona Kitzinger, a Democratic representative on the canvassing board and vice-chair of county’s Democratic party, stepped up to podium to confirm Nickolaus’s account. “We’re satisfied that it’s correct,” Kitzinger said of the numbers.“We went over everything and made sure the numbers jibed.”

"Wisconsites sure are sending a message to Gov. Walker- they like what he is doing!"

You do know that the Democrat who just won Scott Walker's old job won by a 22 point margin, right?

The vice-chair of the county's Democratic Party confirmed it!

Of course maybe the worst Attorney General in the country's history, Eric Holder, will decide to investigate anyway . . .

And in related news, today signatures were officially submitted against the second Republican target of the recall election. 2 down, 6 to go.

The court election is not that important. If Kloppenberg wins, the Republicans will just re-pass the law and give 24 hours notices so they don't violate the Open Meetings Law. The real fight is in the recall elections.

The judge race was statewide. Walker's old position was Milwaukee County only, which is heavily Democrat.

Sorry Socialist, wrong again.

"Walker's old position was Milwaukee County only, which is heavily Democrat."

Yet Walker had that job for 8 years. That excuse does not work.

did you guys look at the county by county map? LOTS of counties flipped Kapanke is TOAST. So is Hopper. Thanks Scott Walker. You are turning out to be the worst Gov in Wisconsins History. He's gonna flip his legislature in record time WOW.

here's the map you should look at. you are real esate guys so you should get maps. I hope.

And no they wont re-vote the law. Why do you think Fitzy hasn't re-voted yet? He doesn't have all the votes in his caucus anymore understand? they are backed into a corner

From National Review-

In fact, almost 350,000 people voted in Tuesday’s recall elections — and Republicans won 53 percent of the total vote. After blowtorching the state with negative ads and benefiting from a favorable timetable, the unions could still only get 47 percent of Wisconsinites to support their effort.

This should make the unions think long and hard about whether they want to embark on a mission to recall Gov. Scott Walker next year. Doing so successfully would easily cost them five times as much as they just spent — and even with their recent deluge of cash, most of the public still didn’t support them at the polls. Additionally, the extra time will also give Walker’s reforms more time to work — and once the public sees that schools can manage their affairs effectively without being hamstrung by union regulations, organized labor’s argument gets even weaker.

These were mostly republican districts to begin with, and NOT representative of the state as a whole. Walker's approval ratings state-wide are in the toilette. Silly cherry picking.

Nate Silver's analysis is a lot more dependable than the partisan National Review:

Since a recall is the political equivalent of hitting for the cycle, it is remarkable that the recall effort has such legs.

One thing that most peopel don't realize is that with the new composition of the WI Senate, the unuion busting bill NEVER would have passed, since one Republican voted against it. So in a way, Democrats control the Senate, just not officially.

Like the NY Times is not partisan . . .

Like the National Review is not partisan...

Nate Silver is a non-partisan pollster who correctly called the 2008 election almost to the exact percentage point, among other things, and he aggregates polling information from across the political spectrum:

LA LA LA LA. I don't hear you. Nate Silver is a lIberal even though he predits everyting correctly. LA LA LA, I don't hear you.

Uh-oh, not only is Scott Walker in trouble, but Weaper Boehner could be in trouble too:

"I think most national pundits continue to be missing the boat on how possible it is that Democrats will retake control of the House next year. We find Democrats with a 7 point lead on the generic Congressional ballot this week at 47-40. After getting demolished with independent voters last year, they now hold a slight 39-36 advantage with them. And in another contrast to 2010 Democratic voters are actually slightly more unified than Republicans, with 83% committed to supporting the party's Congressional candidates compared to 80% in line with theirs."

Comment removed.

"Fifty-four percent of Wisconsinites oppose the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, according to the most recent polling data from Rasmussen Reports. In a phone survey of 500 likely voters, Rasmussen also said 52% at least somewhat approve of Walker%u2019s job performance to date, while 46% at least somewhat disapprove. The findings include 40% who strongly approve and 40% who strongly disapprove. By party, the poll revealed that 78% of Republican voters strongly approve of Walker%u2019s performance and 73% of Democrats strongly disapprove.

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 58% at least somewhat approve of Walker%u2019s performance, including 36% who strongly approve. Forty-three percent say they would vote to recall Walker and remove him from office, but 54% would vote against recall; 80% of the state%u2019s Democratic voters would vote to remove Walker, but 89% of Republicans and 58% of unaffiliated voters would oppose that recall."

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