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north facing apartments


if you had the choice between a southfacing apartment facing the interior garden or a northfacing apartment facing outward to the street, which do you think would sell better? south obviously gets the best light but i've found a lot of people don't like facing the interior of the building even if it is a garden. any thoughts?

Facing the interior is not such a bad thing in the city, particularly Manhattan. Especially if you'd get a lot of light. Less noise... and you probably would not have to worry about the view changing and that having an effect on price later.

Depends on the street view and how big the courtyard is. If you get sky, pretty cityscapes, and the noise is not a problem, I'd say street view attracts more people. If it is a choice between a dingy narrow street versus a decent sized landscaped courtyard, then obviously the courtyard. If the street is bad and the courtyard is small, I'd avoid both. After location, perhaps the most important resale factor is light/view.

I agree on the light/view comment. I am looking for these elements myself and recall seeing a NYT article on how this is a strong selling point in Manhattan. I'd shoot for a higher floor as well but I think that in most buildings the cost increases with the floor number.

We live in the back of the building with a decent size courtyard and I would take that everyday over the front because the building is only 8 floors. Even on the top floors, the street noise will be significant unless you are pretty high up and/or have very good windows. Bottomline, it really depends on the location of the building (not bust side street vs. main street), location (any commuting traffic going by), floor the apartment is on (lower in the front will be louder), configuration out back (small/narrow courtyard may mean no light and close proximity to rear neighbors), etc. Good luck.

FWIW: I recently looked at an apartment that was advertised as facing a courtyard. Turnsout it was an agrandized airshaft. When I commented that the apt. didn't get much light, the FSBO man was quick to point out how the brick wall I was staring into across the airshaft had thoughtfully been painted white and effectively "reflected" tons of light into the apartment as a result. I may have literally laughed in response. All I know is that I left and that that apartment is never selling anywhere near his asking price.

I had to work hard to contain my joy in the presence of the seller's real estate agent when I finally found an apartment facing north [also w/ 2 east windows] with great light, pin-drop quiet and lovely cityscape views. Until then all I had seen were south facing apartments, which I really didn't want because they turn into ovens in the summer! (I found that out from teaching in a south-facing room at a private school.)

By the way, the person we bought from moved into a bigger place on the street side of the building and is complaining about all the noise. She's getting new windows.

I agree w/ starfish. Great light and view(s) are more important than north/south, courtyard or not. But people are individuals. In my case I would never choose facing the street unless we're talking a very high floor. If you're talking a nice apartment, don' t worry, somebody will want to buy it!

thanks for your comments! looking into buying in a new construction in brooklyn but it's just foundation right now. it's been tough deciding on a unit from the models and floorplans without really knowing anything. leaning towards the northfacing apartment because the street is quiet enough and so far it seems like that side might have the best view...even if more buildings pop up.

I would go for the southfacing interior view. Southfacing is sunny and interior is quiet. Northern exposures get the least light. If you get the northfacing one, paint the room a pale sunny yellow and that will help make the room look brighter.

My bedroom faces north--a large courtyard and upper Manhattan. It gets wonderful light--the ninth floor and higher than most of the buildings in the courtyard. My living room faces east and gets great light also. again it's higher than any building on the street until the next Avenue.

As long as NY is doing well there will always be construction noise. The building next door to my living room spent three years building a penthouse--a brownstone. This is a landmarked block in a landmarked neighborhood. As long as the construction doesn't come out to the front it's allowed. The penthouse is very pretty and will add to the selling price

A small school across the street was able to bypass all community board meetings and is building a new floor. They have had construction on Sunday mornings at 7:30. They are allowed to build to the front. It will take a small piece of my view away, but a very minor piece


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