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Painting cost


I'm wondering if anyone can give me a general sense of how much it would cost to paint one floor of our apartment -- kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and living room. The total square footage is about 500-600 sf. (We have the paint, so just wondering what the labor costs would be.)


That is a very hard question to answer. You can have someone in the building paint it for $1,000.00 or you hire a very good painter for $4,000.00

Is there any prep work at all? What are your expectations? How many colors? Do you have crown molding?

No crown molding. No prep work, or at least very minimal. Three colors (LR/Kitchen; BR; and one for a contrast wall)

Without seeing it I would say $3,000.00 but again thats for professional painters

damn primer.... that sounds like 3 days work at most.... $1K per day. i need to become a painter.

It's not as lucrative or glamourous as you think.

That is for professional painters. My wallpaper guy had a good line yesterday
"you can always find someone cheaper in the pennysaver."

Painting companies need to pay Teiresias employees, insurances and all the overhead that comes with working in Manhattan.

The people I know that live outside the city can't believe the prices in the city but it is very costly to work here

There are plenty of people who would do that for $500-1000.

"all the overhead that comes with working in Manhattan."

yeah, because those painters sit in Park Ave. offices when they are not painting? have Blackberry expenses? have 401k's? have HR depts to pay for?

give me a break, the mexican painter taking the 7 train from corona does not cost more for a job in the Bronx vs UES

Yeah, Apt_Boy, that is true, but the co-op that requires a licensed/bonded/registered company to do the work sets up a whole cascade of requirements. Now that Mexican painter needs to be employed by a licensed/bonded/registered company, most likely needs to be in a union to do that, and the company needs to have disability insurance, workman's comp, pay social security and other taxes, etc. It all adds up. My $15/hr nanny ended up costing me over $45K per year! It stinks trying to employ anyone to do anything here if you want to or are required to do it by the book. Can you hire the super or some random guy off the street? Sure. But many co-ops impose heavy penalties for this type of "rogue" work.

OT - That is not the point, are you saying that a coop in the Bronx does not require:

"licensed/bonded/registered company, most likely needs to be in a union to do that, and the company needs to have disability insurance, workman's comp, pay social security and other taxes, etc."

The statement was that is costs more to do work in Manhattan, I say that if you play by the rules, it is the same cost in the Bronx, Queens, or Manhattan.

What you are comparing is "on the books" vs "off the books" which is obviously cheaper if you are in Manhattan or Iowa

i've dealt with my share of coops and none of them have ever required bonded/insured/licensed/registered/etc... for a PAINTER. there's no PAINTER's union or license or anything else. a roller and a paint brush... that's it.

I have dealt with my share of coops as well and they have asked me for my insurance's. I am pretty sure there is a painters union,DC9.

Apt boy,

Really? you dont know that there is more overhead when you work in NYC? Do you think it costs more to work here then anywhere else?

You dont need to have an office on Park avenue to have overhead.

good painter approx $3k... super $1.5k

Painted a coop on uws for $2,000. Used super with board's blessing.
700 sq ft, 1 color, slightly above avg prep, crown moldings.

Got a quote from pro painter for $3,000.

I obtained two quotes, one from a painter and the second one from super: $1,000 for a 700 Sq. Ft. 1 bedroom. I seemed like a lot of money just for a simple paint job, but as others pointed out, that's what it costs in NYC!

I wouldn't get a random guy on the street, as may cost you more with a bad job or other issues. A non-professional painter is fine if they are recommended.

I think a nonprofessional that gets recommended is fine if your expectaions are not high.

there is no painters union
90% of the buildings will ask for an insurance and a workers comp
you wouldnt want to hire a painter without an insurance anyways because if they slip and fall they can take you to court.
when you look for an estimate you have to calculate the wall space not the sq footage of your apartment, they are not painting your floor
the more details you need the more you will pay, for instance:
painting mouldings in different color than walls, going from dark to light and light to dark color, wall prep, specialty paints, etc

a super cheap painter can slap some paint on the walls(and on your floors and furniture...yikes) and call it a paint job
a professional painter will make sure that you are happy with what you see and your apartment looks tight and new

dont forget that painting is a very messy job, I think that this is one of the main reasons people dont do it themselves, its very easy to ruin the floor and appliances if you are not careful

an average price per sq ft (of wall and ceilings space) in NYC is 1.20 from a professional. you can find your local painters there and get at leaset 3-4 quotes before you hire somebody.

AND! do yourself a favor, don't hire your super to paint the apartment, he is hired by the building to work there during the day. He will paint your apartment at night after hours, and trust me, he will not care if he did a good job. What will you do if you hate it? Will you start fighting with your super even before you move into your new building?

I'm really surprised at the lack of knowledge on the part of the consumers in this discussion. How long have you folks lived in NYC? Why is it such a shock to learn that everything in Manhattan costs at least twice as much, in many cases more, as it does in the other boroughs? You have parking...which in most cases is horrendous. ..not just for the cost of parking, but for the time it takes to find it....and time is money. Then comes the insurances....and who in their right mind would want to hire an uninsured contractor to work on their home? Then comes tipping the superintendent....or did you also know nothing about THAT? If you have to ask, "why wold you have to do that?", then you are NOT ready for this conversation simply because you done't know enough to even begin discussing this matter. You need to do a fairly respectable amount of research on your private time, and THEN join in on a conversation such as this one.

Look folks, essentially, you'll get what you pay for. And if you think you're going to get the same caliber of professionalism from a guy who'll work for $12.00 an hour vs. someone who won't work for less than $25.00 an hour, you are sadly mistaken....I don't care if you're Mexican, Russian, Greek, or from a galaxy far, far away. So either pay the money, hire the cheaper guy and accept an inferior job,
do the work yourself, or move. But realize this: its been this way long before I got here, and it'll be the same long after I'm gone, and I've been here for over 57 years.

far away!

GPeterRichard, you are my hero. Tell it!!


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