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Does anyone have any information regarding this building?

I, too, am curious! It looks like they've reduced the price by 50% or so in the last couple of years, and the units seem interesting enough...but I don't see any movements at all.

Is the location problematic, or is it something about the bldg.??? Any thoughts/information would be much appreciated.

I am also curious. I went to look at the aprtments. It is well priced now with room for negotiation, but location right next to port authority is not great, plus being a small building the HOA gets expensive after the 10year abatement. Even then I'm not sure if that's the full reasons it's not selling.

indeed, odd location but in itself a nice building and very nice finishings. located next to a FEDEX parking lot on the right and a police station on the left and in the back, some kind kind of factory. The units were WAY overpriced back in 2008, even topping Tribeca/the village per sq/ft. Now, after the 50% reduction its definitively one of the cheaper ones around. Finally 1 unit is in contract now. RE tax now in its 3rd year at appr 250 per month and rising to appr 1100 after 10Y. Again, very nice kitchen, bathroom etc. Location is so-so, gentrification....


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