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Cost of adding a small 2nd bedroom


My wife and I are having a baby in 2 months and are looking to add a small 2nd bedroom to our 1 bedroom loft space with 11 ft ceilings.

The bedroom will be approx. 10' x 9' and placed along a window. We are going to put in an interior 2'x8' plexiglass window (to allow light into the apartment) above the new bedroom and old bedroom doors. There will be no need for electric/plumbing/other work. There will no permits involved. The finishes in our apartment are nothing special, dare I say "cheap" so that shouldn't be a major cost.

I have several friends that either have recently put up similar walls or are familiar with this sort of construction. When we asked them for a ballpark price range we were told $1500-3000 or so. I was thinking that I may have to pay up to $4000 to get it done well.

I was blown away when I received an estimate for $7,900 for essentially what is 2 small walls, 2 cut in plexiglass windows, a door and some cheap finishes (cheap trim and a door).

What do you think is a reasonable price for this sort of 2nd bedroom construction?

Thank you in advance.

Sounds high, you should always get 3 estimates.

Where is the building? What kind of door? I know it doesn't sound like much but pivot hinge or pocket doors are much more expensive. No closet?

Thanks for your reply.

It is downtown in Tribeca.

If the new door is anything like our present bedroom door, it will be very cheap.

There are no closets.

It should be max $3k. I took down the second bedroom in my rental and built it back again for a cost of $2500. Will plexiglass and nicer construction, $3000 for one way trip seem adequate. Talk to your super rather than a contractor as I would think that as a contractor I want minimum profits for any job.

Thanks for your post 300 Mercer.

I agree that the contractor would want to make something off of this job, but 125% of the normal contract price (including costs and normal profit) is crazy.

Unfortuantely, I think the contractor saw that I have a couple of wine fridges, my wife is in her 3rd trimester and figured I would pay anything to get the job done soon.

All it has done is piss me off.

Here is the name of the contractor I used. Louis 917-642-0616. He does all the renovations at 300 mercer.

Congratulations and good luck with the baby. Must be very exciting.

300 Mercer,

Thanks for the congrats and good luck.

So I got a break down of the costs... ugh...

$600 for painting
$950 for off-site staining
$700 for a door (while my bedroom door is hollow and cheap)
$3000 for the actual walls
$900 for the 2 windows (8'x2' plexiglass)
$850 for the millwork
$850 for protection and removal

The painting, off-site staining and door seem a bit much... I don't know about the other costs...



$950 for off-site staining is nuts. so is $900 for plexiglass...

you know what, all of the numbers are just nuts. he should have nothing to remove or protect really. that tells the whole story.

What gets me is that they are going to paint in the apt but want to stain off-site.

Again, I think they saw my wife is pregnant and figured the sky is the limit... and I am at the point where I would pay 25% over what they "normally" charge just to get it done and done right... but not 150% over what it probably should cost.

Check these sites.

Living Space

Room Dividers NY

Dr. Wall


Would you like me to take a look at it? I think by code you might need to install outlets on the new walls, not a big deal but might be necessary. What is the millwork? What is being stained?

I would think there would be no risk with water-based stains so that they would be able to stain in the apartment. Minwax also makes a combination stain/polyurethane so also consider that for time and money savings.

Call Julio Bonete of Bonete Renovation. I use him for small projects like the one you have listed here...I would doubt he would charge you anywhere close to that amount. His info is 718-781-9904. He has a website but it's just project


I wanted to thank all of you for your very helpful posts and contacts.

I hope you all enjoy this Fall-like weekend.

memito - please let us know how it turns out. I am going to be in the exact same position as you in a few years and would love to hear your experience and what worked best,


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