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Moving to New York City with THREE BIG DOGS!!!???



We are being relocated from Malibu, CA to NYC because of my husband's job. I was just there this past week looking at rentals. I saw a few, and tend to really like a couple of places in Battery Park City, namely the Visionaire. The area seems to be very kid and dog friendly. But they will only take two dogs. THANKFULLY they did specify sizes or breeds, but that still leaves me short one dog!

that being said, has anyone ever been able to negotiate and/or "pay" for the allowance of the third dog?

are there rental places that allow that third dog? any with amenities? i am finding i LOVE the amenities :-)

thank you.

BPC is a very dog-friendly neighborhood - you may want to try contacting for referral to specific buildings.

Just wondering, what car do you drive? I bought my first van after getting my BMD. RIP. Z"L.

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What breeds ?

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I like a nice-looking dawg, but jesus, don't revolve your entire life around a friggin CANINE for God's sake people. C'MON!!!

"10,000 years ago these fleabags would have made you their breakfast if they could.!"

If you croak at home and no one's around Fifi or Fido will happily eat you.

buildings that allows pets are very dirty in general

Would you really want to live in an apartment NEXT TO the one with the three large dogs? Or UNDER the apartment with the three large dogs?

Just rent a house, living in the city with three big dogs in an apartment in on the verge of abuse, unless you have enough money to rent a 10 bedrooms. Dogs don't care about doorman or location, they just want to run. If you care about them don't live in the city, they will be miserable.

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wouldn't you do the deal for 24%?


it so nice that you're for sale.

Buy a condo. No co-op board will want three big dogs (or three little dogs for that matter). Dogs generally suck as neighbors. Dogs generally suck in general.

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Many of these responses are not helpful to the op. This used to be such a great resource.

Oh please!! Three large dogs in a NY rental apartment? There was very good advice- SUBURBS! Or, rent a townhouse . The OP is living in LaLa land - oh wait , that's where she WAS living.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Or a cat, for that matter.

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Where the hell did BSexposer and the others like him/her/it come from? This used to be a friendly board where people could come for advice. While we may have had some strong debates about the financial district vs UWS or whatever, it was all in good fun and the only thing we all hated was NJ.

deityjewels - To be honest, you will have a slightly difficult time finding a place - that is the bad news. The good news is that there are places that will take you (and happily so). You may have to look a little harder and you may have to pay an extra deposit but you will find someplace. If you liked the Visionaire, you obviously are able to pay for a nice place and there are landlords that will have no problem renting to you. In fact, finding a place for 3 large dogs of a "friendly" breed (labs, retrievers, etc) would be easier the finding a place for a single pit bull or rottweiler. Unfortunately, I don't know specifically of any buildings that will rent to someone with 3 big dogs. Unless one of the posters on this site who are brokers gives you some advice, if I were in your situation, I would call a few of the bigger landlords (Related - and Glenwood - and ask if they would take 3 large dogs. If they say "no", then I would ask if they know which luxury door man buildings in the city they would suggest you call. If you get somebody on the phone who has been in the business for a few years, he/she will instantly know who to contact.

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deityjewels - One other thing - if you end up living in battery park, the only vet in the neighborhood is battery park veterinary hospital. I'm not a fan of them because they are very pricey and it seems like they are always trying to tell you that your pet needs additional procedures that are totally not needed (and I have heard the same complaint from many others). I like West Chelsea Vet - The vets, the vet techs and the staff are all great and very caring.

Rent a townhouse in upper manhattan with a yard.

Or UWS if u can afford it. But a yard for sure. And Jesus people, give some kind of real advice along with insults at least! I have more than half the posts on this thread on ignore and I can still see a whole lot of pointless bile.

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I%u2019d like to jump in here with some words of experience from someone who actually has kept a large (60 lb golden retriever) in an apartment. It can definitely be done, and can work out well for the dog(s). Having grown up in the suburbs, I also had the mindset that dogs need a backyard and space to run in the open. This isn%u2019t true- as is evidenced by some many of the healthiest, happiest, and lean dogs I%u2019ve ever seen walking around the city.
In short- dogs in the city get to go for walks (real exercise), as opposed to their suburban counterparts whose owners seem to think that letting them play in the backyard will suffice. It doesn%u2019t. Most dogs not actively exercised will just lounge around all day and get fat.
Having an apartment, as opposed to a large house, really isn%u2019t a big deal either. When the owners are home most dogs will be perfectly happy in the same room they%u2019re in, and when no one%u2019s home the dogs just sleep. %u2018No massive space requirements here.
That said, it can be bit of a hassle, thought totally doable, ensuring your dogs get to go out for bathroom breaks 3 times a day, and have sufficiently long walks (up to 2 hrs a day, depending on the breed).

Its cruel to keep active dogs like labs and ESPECIALLY Weimaraners, Vizslas, and simiar-type hunting and sporting dogs in apartments, full stop. The AKC says flat-out that such dogs need to be RAN, not walked, for many miles a day and that city-dwellers rarely if ever do so.

Also, is it just me, or did the moderator delete a number of the nasty comments?

agree w jason, some dogs shouldn be kept in an apartment. The biggest problem finding an apartment will be the amount of dogs, even buildings that allow big dogs usually wont allow 3. This is always a challenge for pet owners moving to NYC. Depending on your budget you should consider renting a townhouse, or atleast a garden apartment. Private owner is the way to go. Send me an email, I have several places downtown manhattan and brooklyn that may work for you.


It appears the mods deleted a number of comments; my se bff truth, is on time-out.

What Seaver69 said.


Hopefully, you get to keep all of your dogs. Best of luck to you!

1st, I love dogs and would love to help but my best advice is to avoid Manhattan all together. 1 large dog next to impossible 3 is up there with unicorns and Leprechauns’. Try Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, NJ but not Manhattan (though maybe north of 100th street). Good luck.

"(though maybe north of 100th street)."

Which is what I said. you can rent a townhouse, or at least the bottom half of one, for the same or less than what you could get an apt for in BPC. And if you work midtown, it can be as fast or faster to work on the express trains OR by cab. I have lived in both places and know!

For example


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NO terraces they could try to jump a t a squirl, very unsafe!

"NO terraces they could try to jump a t a squirl, very unsafe!"

Depends on how high the wall/fence around it is. I used to dogsit a hyper pit bull for a friend. i had a 900 SF terrace, and that dog could never come close to hopping over the side. And the neighbor had dogs and a similar terrace. It was, in effect, a backyard, as it was right off the living room. It was big enough to play fetch (the dog was easily amused) or for an neighbors pit to come down and run around with her.


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I am in the same situation! I have 3 dogs and they are still in Seattle while I start my new job and look for a place. What's up with all the negative people. Why do New Yorkers hate dogs? I wish I could move to Paris there they love dogs. I haven't found one place so far that would take 3. I did find one building with apt for sale that would take them. Newer buildings (rental or sale) are more flexible. Let me know what you find?!

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three dogs contact me- I want to hear more about what you need

One rental management company that is very dog-friendly is Rudin management. I lived in one of their rental buildings and it was full of dogs of all sizes. These buildings also tend to be very kid friendly. If you have three large dogs and are coming from a house, just be aware that some people are afraid of dogs and you might need to wait on occasion before entering the elevator with your dogs. Also there are places such as Biscuits and Bath where you can drop off your dogs all day if you want them out of the apartmewnt, playing with other dogs and being walked. I think it depends alot on the dog or dogs. You can live next door to a tiny dog who barks all day or three dogs who are pretty quiet. I also think that a condo sublet might be a good option for you as well.

threedogs "Why do New Yorkers hate dogs?" While I like pets I'll give you a few reasons why some of us could do without so many FIDOs in town. And it is not the animals so much as the owners.

1) don't pick up after them;
2) let them bite people;
3) treat them like humans

personal experience: 1) just yesterday my kid stepped in dog crap & had to enter school smelling like sh*&t
2) apt #1's 'rescued' pit bit my husband's face - my son who watched it happen.
3) a co-worker brings Fido to work every day (and expects all of us to ooh and aah at him) Seriously???

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"Why do New Yorkers hate dogs?"

It's not the dogs we hate, per se, it's the obnoxious owners.

Leaving sh*t in the street, walking around with an unleashed dog who then jumps on your kid, or using a super-long leash that takes up the entire sidewalk, bringing dogs into stores where they trip customers and generally get in the way, sneaking dogs onto subways in bags where they snarf and yap at riders, allowing dogs to bark incessantly at all hours of the day and night.

Dogs are a damned nuisance in the city. And I don't know how much experience you have in Paris, but from my own extensive visits there, Parisians aren't terribly dog-friendly either when a-hole owners allow them to misbehave.


You're too funny! Enjoy your vacation, you're a traveling gal!

"poop the size of Pepperdine" was hilarious.

don't you mean a working gal?

i love dogs, but i hate people who don't properly control their dogs--who assume i love their dog as much as they do, smiling as dog rubs slobbering muzzle all over my pants or legs (shorts), happily watching as dog jumps onto me or others including small children--

and then all indignant when i politely ask that they keep their dog offa me and others

truth makes such an amzing case that hers is the most enviable life--why?


Enjoy your holiday as well.

maybe in a townhouse with a backyard? if they bark, your neighbors might not be that happy though.

Cats are better suited pets to have in NYC.

#1. you don't have to walk them when it's minus 15 degrees outside
#2. They don't bark
#3. They are cheaper
#4. They take up less space
#5. they chase away mice
# 6. they don't crap in the street
#7. (related to #1). You don't have to cut short a fun evening out ...when you're at the bar shooting whiskey..."sorry fellas I gotta run home now and take out Snickers."

Thank you for reading. God bless.

Sp unhelpful to TOP. Who is NOT going to euthanize her dogs.

People wanting to live with animals is just weird. Why not a few sheep, some monkeys and frogs too. Need companionship -- get some friends.

Stead - cats shed. Many dogs shed too but I won't get a shedding dog ever. Little dogs are pretty easy and can be trained to go on a pad like a kitty goes in a litter. Yes they bark. So do children.

West 34th. Friends talk back. Sometimes you really just want to talk to a pet that cocks its head like he understands but doesn't ever tell you you're wrong. Happy holidays.

deityjewels: have you found a place yet?

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For the OP - most buidlings only allow one dog and sometimes two if they are under a specific weight. Find out each buildings rules before you even look.

Side note - if people hate dogs so much then they should'nt live in buildings that allow them.


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