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Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs


Mitt Romney has the business experience to lead America. We should tell everyone how Mitt Romney made his money.

omg so does obama! no way!

you guys like this tyler durden, yes? there are numerous other sources but he's the first to come up in google.

Lucille here is another good slide to underscore the Presidents job creation

is that porn? im not clicking it if it's porn.

ok, it's not porn in the CLASSIC sense. there is a problem with that picture there. while starting at 1/08 and calling everything between that and 1/09 "republican policies" and everything since then simply "The Stimulus" it's authors or whatever you call people who make those nifty charts seem to pin their hopes on people either not knowing or having forgotten that the first Stimulus package was singend into law in 2/08 by BUSH. as clearly reported by the good people of the associated press.

lucille, one other point worth noting here. petrfitz is pointing you to a slide from pelosi's office. of course, no bias or spinning there. classic. what a halfwit.

i'm sorry, but you really just can't win here. if you like the stimulus, you have to give bush and "republican policies" their propers. if it gives you a rash to praise bush and "republican policies", you can't use the results of their policies to praise the obama administration.

i see. it does clearly state "office of the democratic leader". pretty knowingly insulting to their own base.

Glad someone is focused on jobs so we can get young people working instead of protesting. Also would be nice if they would make money to pay back the government on their student loans plus contribute their taxs to Social Security and such. If Mitt Romney can do this then great. I wish Barack Obama could have but not so far.

if mitt knows how to do it, don't you think he should call barack and fill him in rather than wait another 18 months?

if Romney has all these great ideas,why is he holding back. Isn't that traitorous. I plan to vote for Obama, but I'd choose best, Cain or Perry over Romney. I don't think Romney is honest where it counts and he the flip flop man

I think its funny that voters in us and Spain are eager to put the opposition back in power when the opposition created the problems in the first place. Look at poor Greece where the opposition cheated for years and now the opposition is trying to pretend it

romney doesn't have to call obama to share his insight. the president follows him on twitter.

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