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Bonus for Staff


What is the average bonus a coop gives to a super vs a doorman?


"Tip for what, DOING THEIR JOB????"

There, I saved you some time.

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Not a gives bonus out to super can get 1 to 2 months added pay, this something that other buildings do?

Well there are a number of things you need to take into account. How good is the service in your building? every person has different expectations but try and be reasonable. If the staff goes above and beyond your expectations then you have some thinking about.

To the person who made the comment why tip us for doing our job! Next time you have an issue that does not pertain to high rise living do not call us.

two month bonus AND tips from the tenents?
how do I get me one of those jobs?
I do believe there might be a hole where that Jackson once was.
Just kidding...
2 month bonus for everyone who works in the building and on December 24 (at least in my building) the coop board messages the feet of the entire staff. This is how 'THE MAN' keeps the workers down.

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we do both bonus and tips in my building...wonder how common this is.


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