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How To Tell Your Landlord You're Short on Rent?


The economy has been down the tubes for a while now. Surely, even the best tenants have had trouble paying their rent. What's the best way to approach your landlord/property manager if you're going to be a little late or short on the rent?

I have never been in this situation but I have seen similar situations in business.

Usually the best thing to do is to be up front. But the most important thing to do to make it palatable is to promise when you can make up the short rent. And keep to that schedule.

If you don't know when you can make it up, or you don't know when the bad times will end then you had best start considering changes in your lifestyle. Don't tell the landlord you are short on rent but continue to order in take-out and continue to buy $5 cups of coffee at Starbucks. It is bad form.

AvUWS; Totally agree. If you are going to be late and set a date for payment, honor that date. Some may pull a date out of the air and don't deliver. Some of us could write a book on every excuse and "bad form" is a really nice way of putting it. There is hardship, but there is also lack of financial responsibility. The latter is what makes it rough on those who are really in a bind.

don't need to tell your landlord, just stop paying

if the landlord come ask, just say you have no money and ask him to lower it by 20%

if landlord dones't agree, start deadbeat

to evict you, the landlord needs to file in court, very long and difficult process, and until he successfully evict you, you can continue to live there for free. in this period, it's illegal for the landlord if trying to block you from your apartment

> don't need to tell your landlord, just stop paying

worst advice EVER. it's about good-will, you will lose it if you don't come clean with the landlord. you can come up with a plan of when you will be able to pay and stick to it!

it wouldn't hurt to let the landlord know that rent is your absolute priority, don't stop at not buying any more starbucks coffee. cut everywhere. but if renewal of your lease is coming soon, i'd prefer to pay on time and borrow from friends/family members.

"don't need to tell your landlord, just stop paying

if the landlord come ask, just say you have no money and ask him to lower it by 20%"

If you have no money, how can you pay 20% less??

"if landlord dones't agree, start deadbeat"

That's great advice (I hope you are being sarcastic). Lets add to that, if you can't pay for a loaf of bread, just walk into the supremarket and take it. If you get stopped, just say "Oh, I can't afford, so I thought I would just steal it" I am sure that will work every time

"don't need to tell your landlord, just stop paying"

In hardship, perhaps. That's the first thing a housing court judge wants to determine. If gainfully employed, lots of luck.

AV makes a good point.

What's the reason for the shortfall this month? An unexpected large expense, or an interruption in your income that could be either temporary or permanent?

If it's just a one-time late payment or shortfall, tell them ASAP so they feel like they're in the loop and there are no surprises on their end.

But if there's been a game-changer in your financial picture -- also tell them ASAP -- AND start looking for a more affordable place to live.

The key question here is if your short on $ to pay rent this month what happens next month and the month after that? If you can't make the rent you might also not be in a situation where you can't afford to move. With the rental market hot you're also going to need some sort of refrence from your current land lord.
1. if you have the resorces to move to an afforable apartment, contact you LL and come clean and ask for their help in extending the time period in which you pay and stick to the plan. Pay all back rent and move ASAP.
2. tell the LL your story and ask for a rent reduction (good luck with that).
3.Tough times dictate that you will not be able to pay the rent any reasonable time soon and you do not have the resorces to move a the moment. It is not my best advice and I would expect you to exhuast all other avenues but, you might end up sitting it out, not paying and, waiting for an eviction. You will get evicted, you will damage your credit, you will have trouble renting again but, you will buy time, lots and lots of time. Eviction process in NYC just takes everything else...more time then you think. In a desperate situation it can buy you enough time to try to 'right the boat' (which means everyone gets paid). They don't call it the 'Hail Mary' play for no reason.

TOP sounds like is not a one-time thing. Best think about moving ASAP.

I can't believe how many people are actually condoning not paying rent and getting evicted as a strategic alternative. Quite unethical if you ask me and very sad. We all have gone through some rough times but resorting to tactics of stealing and not paying your rent shouldn't be an option. Talk with your LL try to work out a solution and have a backup plan if you can't come to one. That back up plan shouldn't be thievery nor dishonesty.JHMO

renterjoey....too busy with your alter boy duties to read carefully?

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I read very your option very carefully. You seem to cover all the fine points of not paying one's rent with all the benefits and disadvantages of going with that option. Here are some advantages you give OP for not paying his rent.

"but, you will buy time, lots and lots of time. Eviction process in NYC just takes everything else...more time then you think"

What's your feeling on American Airlines filing chapter 11?

Based on the OP's handle, anybody else think we're contributing to a blog or an article?

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We all have been duped.Looks like this website matches OP's handle

Oh great. Well, live and learn. Hey Streeteasy, guess what?

NYRentalBible = persona non grata on SE


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