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Manhattan transfer stinks!

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As the wind blows west to east 95% of the time, I'd expect those in Long Island City and Astoria to be the most interested.

fat lady hasnt sung yet...and no its not in my living room. mailed from council member Jessica Lappin today.

This week, in what can only be considered an extreme case of optimism, Mayor Bloomberg's administration put out a request for bids to construct the Marine Transfer Station (MTS) at East 91st Street.
Mayor Bloomberg's staff may be pretending that all systems are go. But, despite our recent setback in the courts, permits have not been issued, lawsuits are pending, and federal agencies are still questioning the accuracy of the data submitted by the Department of Sanitation. Furthermore, I believe that the cost of this project has risen substantially and the city simply can't afford to build it. That is why I have filed an official Freedom of Information Request with the Department of Sanitation asking for revised cost estimates and plans associated with this project.
I know that you are as committed as I am to defeating this MTS and I am still hopeful that, by working together, we can keep this ill-conceived project from being built.

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