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Whitney Houston


Rest In Piece!

Rest In Peace!

Wow, never saw that one coming...

Very saddening. She was such a wonderful singer, so pretty, and seemed
like such a nice person/

Whitney's NJ home for sale back in 2009.
Whitney decor has a consistant sense of style.

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So what does this mean for NY real estate?

Avoid properties near or on Houston

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NYCMatt is simple.

Ratings win for the Grammy's and those advertising on it tonite.
May seem cynical and jaded, but they are redoing the show and people will tune in for that very reason.

Beautiful lady with a beautiful voice that left us too soon. Very Sad. RIP

Wondering what her NJ home ended up selling for - seems like a lot of house for the asking price of $2.5 even given the year.

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That is why I love you. You have so much soul. Maybe Matt is too young to know and/or remember.

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You remind me of Denise Eisenberg Rich, she is as soulful as Aretha Franklin on an episode of SoulTrain in the 70s, sangin' Rock Steady!

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Singing it while doing The Bump! LOL

>>They should have checked on her (if not had hair/make-up person in the bathroom or stationed right outside the door, with her while she took a bath). <<

It's not unusual for us gals to take an hour primping and fussing in the bathroom, especially when a nice hot soak is included. I don't know that I would blame the staffers. But a terrible tragedy either way.

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i thought you had to go.


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There go columbiacounty with is corny sense of "humor."

Yurp...there go is.

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columbiancoffeebeans, with another useless addition. You got this gist.

Sure did.

You and truth are idiots.

Got it.


With another useless update, do you want us all to take you down to Chinatown?

when did Truth turn gray/grey?

I thought it was the other team --- alanh, and aboutr (but not mideast????)...and 67 that went grayed out...

Need to check in more often.

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when no one responds....time to talk to yourself.

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you are a genius amongst all.

can you count to ten?


How many people live in your county? Can you count that?

here let me help...

one, two...

come on you can do it.

you're not that stupid.

call truth, your bff.

she can help you.

lets start again.

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do you need a hint?

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isn't there someone you can call for help?

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I won't he's done.

tombo--do yourself two favors:
stop posting the crap you do--youre only embarrassing yourself
cease with your blind allegiance to the racist, Truth

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yo mman. still waiting on the count. need another hint?


I don't read comments from wbottom as they are hidden, and ain't know he is a bully gang member.

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Whoa big man. She tells you to jump.

truth==loser who needs to expound on her pathetic "successes"

tombo==big, dumb guy with nil to say, who follows her around, too stupid to get her racism

they're a mildly amusing pair


FREE Wbottom!

Whitney is supposed to have 2 properties in foreclousure...any idea where?

Feb 18, 2012, will be the funeral viewed on t.v and the internet.

Sorry to interrupt this funeral but WTF? $1MM difference for 1 floor difference???? Serious?

Fking hilarious... NO bubble here... carry on

wake up!


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