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Lies at Duffield Street



I'm in contract in this building and simply wanted to communicate how misleading, dishonest, and out and out liars the seller, his attorney, and especially the brokers are. They have said thing after thing that was never true and it is very disheartening to have to endure. I was told the C of O would be in place last August 2011. Here we are in March 2012 and still no closing insight.

Further more we now find out they have added some Amendments and submitted them to the AG with several contract buyers objecting and lied again saying no contracted unit was effected. The AG has been notified so all potential buyers BEWARE.

Hi stevekinno,

I am pretty much in the same situation (in contract for months, approved by a lender, nobody able to tell me when closings will start happening or what is going on re: the AG and C of O except "give it a couple of weeks" - it's been months -, etc). If you are interested in cross-checking/sharing info you can reach out to me at

I meant

is this 42 duffield? I wanted to look at that place....

Closings seem to be happening at 44 Duffield st. Any insight?


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