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building at 225 East 36th Street

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Hi All, I am a current owner for 9 years, south facing apartment, high floor, front of the building, view is incredible.

I would like to address some of your concerns since I live here.

The building is wonderful. The super and management go above and beyond the call of duty. We have a current shareholder who volunteers her time to create and maintain the beautiful garden in the front of the building. As far as the traffic surrounding the building its hairy 2 days a week. I work during the day and gone when the traffic occurs. If this is a concern for you, come by and judge for yourself. When I leave in the morning and come home at night its peace and quiet. The weekends are a delight with my windows open and the cool breeze coming in. I don't have soot in my apartment. In addition, if you are concerned about soot, living in Manhattan is out as well as outside dining all over the city. If you have a question about the building, best to ask the people that live here. Try catching someone outside the building. Everyone is friendly. In addition, there are a total of 285 apartments in the building. Currently only 20 are for sale. To me that's pretty good considering that's only 7% of the building. The Crescent is a great building. Even down to the garage down stairs with its overly reasonable rates in the entire area. The maintenance is equivalent to any building in the city. It is managed accordingly by keeping a healthy reserve fund so the banks see that it is a co-op in good condition. This will assist you when you are trying to sell your apartment. I hope this helps.

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