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Small reno cost



I'd like to have a better idea of how much would cost:
1/ breaking the walls around a small bedroom
2/ redo approx 700 sqf of hardwood floor (sanding etc)
3/ repaint the whole place (with the previous wall removed a big one bed)

Also, do I need a permit to remove walls? I don't think there are load bearing.

Thaks a lot

Yes, you do need a permit, load bearing or not. I can send you the info of a contractor I know who will do this for a reasonable price, if you are interested.

Dont forget you will need to patch floors where walls were. Ceiling too. Yes to permit because you arealtering floor plan.

Agreed - and I forgot to mention that walls in the bedroom will need some work as well (outside it is exposed bricks, not inside the bedroom).

How long to do the whole thing? and how much? I'd just like ballpark estimates now, this won't start before this summer.


$12,000+ plus permit fees and board application and approval if a coop.


Are the walls sheetrock? Bid difference in price when its sheetrock

"[ ] Yes to permit because you are altering floor plan."

Don't want to highjack this thread, but I have read/been given conflicting info on the issue of requiring a permit for wall removal:

1. You need a permit because you will be altering the floor plan;

2. You need a permit because of asbestos issues;

3. You need a permit no matter what.


1. You don't need a permit because it is not a load-bearing wall;

2. You don't need a permit if it is a partial tear-down of a wall;

3. You don't need a permit if you are not creating a new room.

Is there somewhere on the DOB website which lists the requirements?

Or are these requirements simply at the discretion of a coop board/building architect/management co.?

Many times it is up to each building, if you are changing the amount of rooms you need to file as well

Alternative #1 and #3 are not true, #2 depends. There is some where on dob website telling when you do not need a permit. There is also a number you can call to ask dob engineers questions (beteween 2-5 pm as I remember). I don't remember the number though, you can probably get it by 311. Or you can attend owners' night at dob and get the answers directly from dob staff.

I agree with kylewest regarding the cost and you would definitely need floor patch up work besides sanding and poly wherever you had walls. Regarding the permit, legally you need it.

so when people throw up walls / take down walls in thier 1/2/3 br shares are they getting permits ??? I highly doubt it. Maybe technically they should be, but then again jay walking is illegal too.

Most coops will require permits for removing bedroom walls to eliminate an original bedroom.

Ok for the permit and the costs. How long should everything take? Is doable within a month?

And Primer - what is the deal with sheetrock?


If an apartment has sheetrock walls:

The demo is much easier
The garbage remove is much cheaper
Repairing damage done due to the demo is much easier when dealing with sheetrock

If is is a coop you will have to file an alteration plan. The coop will review it with the building engineer and then decide whether to approve you. You will need a set of drawings possibly depending on your coop requirements. This cannot be done before closing. He process of approval from the coop will take about 2-4 weks. You will then pull permits. If you use an expeditor this will cost about $5000-6000. It is the same cost be it for reno of a studio or mansion in terms of expeditors fees. The permits themselves are couple hundred $ if hat i think but not an expert on this. If your contractor will get dept of building permits then you work out fees wih him. This process takes about 3 weeks. Once permits received contractor usually starts work within 1-2 weks. So from start of process to first hammer being swung, it is about 7 weeks. Work itself, if you truly do nothing else, can be done in 4 weeks. Maybe little less. Total: Approx 3 monhs. If any steps above arent needed in your situation, then less time.

Thanks all for your insight!


Sounds like a straight forward project. I believe the question re: permits should be directed towards your co-op board/bdg management. Each one acts differently so you can't just say, I'm taking down a few non-load bearing walls = yes/no to permit.

I agree with kylewest about 4 wks for project time (once paperwork is squared away). You will likely have electrical (remove, re-install etc.) and plaster work involved in the cost. If you want a better estimate, e-mail the floorplan over

I've been told about glass block wall as an alternative to keep the bedroom but still get the light from the windows around the bed. Is this doable, how this would cost and above all have you ever this being successfully done? I've been looking for a while, everything I see doesn't look great.

I have had a non bearing wall about 7 foot long built to separate an open kitchen from dining room to give the impression
of a separate room. I live in a junior 4 and created an alcove from the open space. There was no wall there in the first place..
.the connecting points for building the wall were the ceiling and floor. They even
put a sliding door. They really did a great job. But now I need to move, it's been 10 years since. What would be the cost to take down
such a wall? Sorry for chiming in like this...just don't know where to ask or how to get the ball rolling...I appreciate any feedback.


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