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Gas Stove


Any idea where I can buy a 28" or 29" gas stove? The current stove is 24" but I can squeeze in a 28 or 29 inch stove but can't locate it from bestbuy, home depot, lowes, or sears.

Call Paul's Appliances 973-465-0387

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If the New York Giants can play in NJ I can buy my appliances there

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Good point. I guess I would try AJ Madiaon, very good prices and you can pay the sales tax.

Or you can buy your stove from wherever you please and just fill in the appropriate tax due on the sales and Use Tax line of your IT-201 next April.

Its charming that some of you are concerned about paying taxes for a stove.

Considering GE, the foremost maker of ranges, paid no taxes in 2010 and probably will pay no taxes for 2011.

On PC Richards the closest I found was Whirlpool at 29.812"

I don't think anyone makes a 28" or flat 29" range. You are too close to the standard 30" it doesn't make sense.

karls appliances, stohres appliances, in NJ

you can try gringer & sons in the e vill. they have a good selection & knowledgeable staff.

hofo, I like Gringer, PC Richards etc. I recently used Elgot and had a smooth relationship. Email Melvin for help: Melvin Rivera


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