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Looking for Offering Plans



I am looking for copies of offering plans/amendments for condominium and cooperative building (digital or paper) to post on my site

For every offering plan donated that is posted on the site, we will post a 264 x 219.banner that you provide and a reciprocal link to your site on that building's page.

It is our goal to make this information available to the general public. Copying and printing of the plans from Offering Planet are without cost. Come visit our site. Registration is free.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call me at (718) 643-6555.


Philip J. Lavender

Offering plans are available freely to the public if you make an appointment at the NY A.G's office. I did this after a very large sponsor and their equally large broker hired to sell the unit informed me that they don't provide prospectuses(offering plans) unless a signed agreement with a check is first agreed to at which time the offering plan goes straight to your lawyer who has seven days to back out. Upon viewing the offering plan I notice several red flags, that were clear signs that the amenities would not be as expected, and true to form when the building opened all those concerns were realized. Bottom line is don't buy and then expect your broker or a quick perusal to find the red flags, you need considerable time to vet the documents and doing so after depositing 10% is not the way.

Riversider - while I am not interested in identity of the building, I am trying to educate myself on red flags to look for in offering plans and would appreciate any insight as to what one might consider to be a red flag in an offering plan. I would be able to spot basic disclaimers, but I am wondering if the red flags you spotted went beyond general disclaimers?


I'm curious, what's the value of creating this site? To provide free access to the general public or to stop the painful fees that each individual buyer has to pay to receive a copy of an offering plan from the condo sponsor/association/board?

anything that exposes the tactics of sponsors is alright with me

Offeringplanet, I think this would be an interesting service.

Thank you, Offering Planet. This is great! provides digital copies of offering plans free of charge.


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