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Tribeca Rentals--101 Warren


We are looking for a rental in the 101 Warren building. It is a beautiful building. Anyone know what a 2 bedroom apt would go for. Would love to rent in the townhouse area ,if it is below $20 thous.

$20,000 per month, and you want a general opinion on Streeteasy?

I am about to list a 2 bedroom Rooftop Townhouse around 15-16K. I bought the place for myself, but took a job in HK.

I think Eddie Wilson would be of some help to you. Although Eddie Wilson may be paying higher monthly rents he still should be able to guide you if you can afford it.

weasel boy says there's no such thing as a 2 bedroom $20K rental on, therefore, it's all a figment of your imagination....

i'll take your two bedroom place for 15k just as long as i can convert one of the bedrooms into a closet.


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