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One Murray Park

Anyone looking into this building? I like the finishing and the small size of the building, but not too sure about the surrounding neighborhood. Seems pretty dead at night...heard that Rockrose is working on an apartment building for rental - will that facilitate the infrastructure development in the area? Also heard food cellar and duane reade will open soon...

The fact that the building is in a quiet area slightly off the waterfront appeals to me. I prefer a less congested area. Food cellar is supposed to be in the basement of the Rockrose building, estimated completion next summer. The queensbridge area is not as developed as Hunters Point, it is ripe for development in the next 3 to 5 years. There are a couple of brand new hotels and condo buildings. Jackson avenue is already starting to see a transformation. I am curious when the building will be open. They are saying soon but still no certificate has been issued by the city.

True SamK14...I have the same concern...they kept saying they would receive the certificate of occupancy soon but as far as I know, they are still waiting.

That certificate of occupancy couldn't come soon enough, I got my sister bunking at my place until the new apt is ready :p

The sales representatives say the certificate will arrive next week...u guys think it's gonna happen?

hhhhmmmmmmmm lol @ Lannister_wzml.

Neighborhood isn't a hive of activity at night - but it still has most of what you need and things are only going to get better. Moved into Court Square neighborhood five months ago from Hunters Point and there are many things I prefer - the transportation options are so much better than Hunters Point its not even funny - I pity people now who only have the 7 as an option. You also don't have to dodge strollers all day, and there are some great places to eat/drink that are as good if not better than anything at the waterfront (Dutch Kills, LIC Market, Burger Garage). Plus from One Murray Park places like Alobar, Manducatis Rustica and LIC Bar are as close as they are to most of the waterfront buildings. Plus in only a few months three new restaurants have opened and the Rockrose building is scheduled to open next Spring which will bring a gourmet grocery store so things are looking up. Plus if you have a dog, you can actually walk it in the small green spaces around this neighborhood which isn't possible in Hunters Point. Plus if you disagree with all/most of what I just said and do prefer the charms of Hunters Point, its only a 10 minute walk :) I do it all the time and honestly its much easier than you'd expect.

Was able to find some info from a reliable source, which I understand with some digging, can be confirmed on the DOB website.

"The c/o application pending. It was last inspected for the c/o on 7/9 and is due for another inspection on 8/17. Out of 40 outstanding requirements, the building passed 30. The remaining, most notably, have to do with the balconies along the A line, which if you went by the building in the last few weeks you would have noticed were all removed. Apparently they were not installed according to the building's plans. Aside from that there were a few minor issues with the roof, the library, gym and parking areas. Permits were issued so that construction could continue on the weekends thru this upcoming weekend of 8/17. With them working 7 day weeks for the past few months and barring any more major issues with the balconies, the building could feasibly be ready for closings as of early September."

Went by the building last night, looks like real progress is being made. You're right about A-line's balconies being removed, they were never on the floor plans, not sure why someone decided to build it at all. I'm glad they're removing it, better symmetry. Plus why would someone want to sit in the dark alley between buildings?

I'm curious though, for those who're already in contract for an A line unit, how will they feel now?

Looked at DOB site for outstanding complaints, one person said the side "wall" on the east side is "over" the adjacent building. If you look closely it does seem weird how OMP kind of intrudes by 1 brick over the other building's roof. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not an issue. You have to really be looking for that.

Overall building looks great, cannot wait for closing.

Went by the building and feel point about "leaning" wall needs to be clarified, OMP is not leaning, the warehouse next door is. OMP foundation is dead on the property line, if you look closely at warehouse next door the top of the warehouse has broken away and it is the warehouse that is leaning over onto the OMP property line. OMP is not leaning or protruding one inch. Instead of moving the entire OMP foundation over 3 or 4 inches they took out a piece of a column of bricks to build around the leaning warehouse next door. I cant imagine this issue will hold up OMP inspection as they are totally in the right. Plus I cant imagine that warehouse will be there too much into the future and when it goes OMP will simply fill in the column of brick that is totally in their propert line. I felt that point needed to be clarified as it is the opposite of what was implied on the DOB report.

@SamK14, fully agree - went by yesterday as well and no doubt about which building has the issue. Curious to find out the result of the 8/17 inspection you refer to.

is the area safe? is there foot traffic rush hours?

I'd say the area looks fairly safe. It's not too far from PS1, and there's a Korean church right around the corner. Proximity to subway stop makes sure that there's always foot traffic at all times.

With the Queensboro Plaza buildings going up, foot traffic is only going to increase.

Still seeing two complaints outstanding for OMP on the DOB website - one concerning the leaning wall against the building nextdoor; the other about the false permit - "THE PERMITS SAYS THERE IS NO RESIDENCE WITHIN 200 FT FROM THE SITE BUT CLR STS THERE ARE RESIDENCES WITHIN 20 FT FROM THE SITE". I am wondering when these two issues will be resolved...Also, I don't see any updates on the DOB website regarding the 8/17 inspection yet. Any thoughts?

Well...after being supremely hard to reach and unresponsive during negotiations, they're supposedly now canceling all accepted offers (including mine) in order to raise their prices by $20k across the board, thereby wasting weeks of everyone's time. Dot dot dot. Greedy behavior like this ought not be rewarded.

The c/o status says "outst. objections", which is what you are referring to. I don't see why the building doesn't at least have a temporary c/o considering it is 99% done. It seems a little unreasonable to hold up families moving into their home over something as minute as "Amend Sched A to show 8 people in fitness room".

Some of the other buildings in LIC had TCO's issued with dozens of objections outstanding. For example, in the Yard at 2-26 50th Ave, people were living in the building for nearly a year with a number of objections outstanding under a TCO until the final c/o was issued on 2/27/12. So I don't know what is up with that.

polarbeardeluxe, did you ever go into contract with the seller?

polarbeardeluxe, poor form to say the least. Unfortunately, cannot say I am surprised at all. I have noticed a serious lack of profesionalism across the board in my business dealings in the NYC real estate market.

@Lannister: I was just about to sign my part of the contract...when that morning, I was informed. So - not yet in contract; otherwise, I'd have much more legal grounds for complaint.

@SamK14: it goes. I think it's what happens when demand outstrips supply! Anyway, just wanted to post this here so people know.

Latest amendment states that they expect Temp CO by end of month, but my sister is kind of spooked by the "Closings by April 2013" line in the terms. Is that normal for offerings plan amendments to be super conservative? Going to email to find out.

Taking out balcony's for A-Line is definitely what's causing the delay, wonder why someone built that in the first place. What's the appear of a balcony above the service alley?

Fingers crossed closing will start before the football season begins :P

polarbeardeluxe, if another buyer had outbid you that is one thing, but to pull a contract out from under you to raise the ask is another. Good to know how people do business.

EatBigApple, I think the 2013 closing is normal, it gives them lots of wiggle room to keep your contract in their back pocket and keeps you from backing out to keep their sales numbers high. I am sure they have every incentive to get the TCO so they can begin closing, there is a lot of money on the table at this point.

I looked at places where they clearly were full on construction sites and they had TCO with folks already moved into the building. Seems odd that they haven't gotten a temp co until now, especially since according to streeteasy, they've had contracts out for a while. Passed by the building and it sure looked nice though even without side balconies.

@Albealrightdamu i'd say it looks much nicer without the side balcony.

Refreshing this site and the DOB site endlessly throughout the day, hoping to see something new.

Got notified about Final Walkthrough today! finally, things seem to be moving forward.

Not sure if my sister asked about the CO, but would it be a pre-req?

EatBigApple, do you have a closing date? I believe final walkthrough is usually done a few days before closing and they can't close without a TCO.

I'll need to ask the broker again. I'm here communicating with you guys, and my sister's the person dealing with Core. It seems I'm more eager to move her out of my place than she is moving into her new place.

We don't have a closing date yet. I'll accompany her to the walkthrough this Friday and take some pictures.

Was notified that the walk throughs have been cancelled... another inspection issue? Anyone know what happened?

According to DOB there was supposed to be an inspection today at 5pm, not sure if it was postponed or what.

Haven't gotten any notifications regarding cancellations or anything yet, fingers crossed.

According to DOB last remaining objection (regarding Schedule A) on plan was approved yesterday 8/30...I would think they have to be getting close to the end.

Just got back from walkthrough of my sister's unit, the fit and finish is much nicer than I originally expected. Quite happy with how it's turning out. Parking spots feel a bit cramped, definitely not for the big SUVs.

The broker said all went well with the inspection as SamK14 said, so it's just time for processing paperwork before the CO arrives. Cash closings could happen shortly after.

Caught one faulty outlet :P, don't skip the old fashioned checks.

Anyone hear anything new?

Also, does anyone know how long an account stays moderated?

I was wondering if yet another week was going to pass without any word. Seriously?......EatBigApple did you go on your walkthrough?

My account was only moderated for my first post.

not to go off tangent but what is the current average PPSF in LIC?

what is current avg PPSF in LIC?

The people who have had contracts since April/May/June have got to be pretty anxious about moving in. Has anyone been told anything about a timeline? At one point I heard folks were suppose to be moving in by mid-August. Yet the building still sits empty. Does the building have a Temp Cert of Occupancy? Surely they could have at least applied for that by now. What are they telling the folks going on open houses as so far as when the building will be ready for occupancy? If you had a lease that was going to be up what are you suppose to do? All seems very strange.

Somehow I'm still moderated after 10 posts... don't know what's the deal with that.

Yes I was able to go do the walkthrough, the apartment looks great, much better than I expected. We did catch a malfunctioning outlet which we put on the checklist. and they haven't installed the recessed lighting behind the bathroom mirrors yet.

They said it's just a matter of paperwork before getting the CO, but that was a WEEK ago, and so far nothing yet. I think I should start charging my sister rent for her extended stay at my place :)

Agreed Albealrightdamu. That is great of you to put your sister up EatBigApple. Not everyone has family to stay with, some have leases to deal with and nowhere else to go so the lack of information is frustrating and causing problems for some.

I went to an open house last Saturday. Sales rep had holes in his shirt. Totally unprofessional. He reported the building 70% sold. I'm assuming some bought as investments.

I think whoever reviewed my last post approved my account, finally my posts are not moderated.

My sister's lease ended late July, so she's been staying with me for longer than she anticipated. It's getting slightly inconvenient, but we can deal with it.

Hopefully someone who goes to open houses this weekend can get more info out of the rep.

@dwaazi not sure where he got the 70% number, unless there were a bunch of contracts that was signed this week.

went to visit OMP last Friday and the sales rep indicated people can start moving in in the next 2 weeks but when we asked about when they are getting TCO, his answer was "soon"...very vague and didn't seem to want to discuss further...

Lannister_wzml that's what they were saying end of July early August.

@EatBigApple Your sister is lucky she has a relative in the city with some room to spare. 70% sold huh, well that's interesting. Wondering how many units end up being rented out as a result of investment properties sold in the building. At The Yard the sponsor, after he sold a specific number of units, planned on holding onto several units, by renting them out and then releasing them individually onto the market over a period of time to increase their investment $$$. Now that is a much bigger building so they can afford to do that. Not sure if the sponser of OMP would go that route.

@FireAtWill I am not sure what the average PPSF is in LIC, that info might be posted on streeteasy under an LIC link or search. I do know all the existing buildings in the HP and HPS areas of LIC have been on a steady increase for the past few months. There's an 1 bed apt at the murano that they can't seem to give away, and if you go look at it you will immediately know why it remains on the market, and yet they have raised the price on even that apt by quite a bit in the last month. The area is hot right now w/ demand high and inventory low. So expect the average price per sq ft to be on par with manhattan. I am totally priced out of LIC right now, which is ashame cuz I luv da area and I like smaller bldg's like OMP, but I am looking at Astoria now. They say The Santorini is in LIC but it's really more in Astoria. The units are bigger and the prices are a bit more reasonable and from what my broker tells me, the sales people seem a bit easier to work with in terms of communicating with potential buyers.

Hunters Point by the water front is pretty nice. The area near queensboro bridge is pretty terrible and IMO will never be desirable. The bridge and train infrastructure there is the ugliest of eyesores, the traffic is bad, and the businesses are seedy. The prices appear to have no upside. They are listed as if this neighborhood is as established as brooklyn heights. Also the common charges seem high, fwiw.

As much as I tried to like LIC during our apartment search it always came off as all flash and no substance.

Another week, anyone go to the open house this past weekend?

Hopefully we'll hear something different this week. Been checking and refreshing dob website 5 times a day.

Just checked the dob website, a TCO was approved yesterday :)


@Lannister_wzml I'm guessing you're also in contract. What unit are you moving into?

I hear they will begin schedule closings for those already in contract now that they've received the TCO. Have any of you heard or received confirmation that investors have purchased units in the building? I also heard they are under 70% sold...closer to 60%.

I can't wait till construction is done. I am one of the apartments that face this building. I literally watched it being built

ldimasi you have no idea. I currently live in Manhattan across the street from a brand new condo high-rise tower and they literally drilled the foundation for a year. My whole building shook daily for one year. I am not kidding. That was just the drilling.

Anyone have a closing date yet?

Just got an email, ready for closing. Just need to get all the lawyers in a room and the long journey would finally be over.

Oh I see they are renting 2C now. @EatBigApple, Glad to hear your sister is finally able to move in.

i'm looking into purchasing a 1BR in LIC. avg $/sf in LIC varies from building to building and from new dev to resales. I saw on a website (forget which) that 2BR is slightly cheaper than 1BR, but that website showed studio-2BR are all around the $720/sq ft range. I have a coworker who bought there recently and he seemed to think 720 was about right. have been going through past sales numbers the past few days to get a feel of the market. Resales seem to be going on the market for significantly less than their original listing price in the 1 BR (circa 20k). some new devs have increased prices significantly in the past few months. OMP original prices were about 50k lower (or more) than they are now. Some units sold earlier went into contract in the 660/sqft range

As a buyer, I don't know if this is a good sign or bad. Is the market just bubbling only to crash, or is the increase in prices a sign that there is sustainable demand? I can only hope that more people move to the neighborhood so that there is more development of the restaurants and nightlife, ala Williamsburg 15 years ago.

With there being nearly 2000 new apartments (majority rentals) coming on the market over the next 8-30 months, there are many more stores coming in. A Food Cellar grocery store is going into the new building currently being built next to Citibank. There is also a steakhouse going in across the street, same people who had M. Wells Diner. There is a new BBQ restaurant that opened up on 44th Ave, supposed to be really good. I've heard a Duane Reade or Walgreens is coming into that area as well. So these new developments coupled with the 2 new elementary (one is a montessori school) and new high school, the area is going to get busier and busier. Being priced out of Manhattan, and then priced out of nice neighborhoods of Brooklyn, LIC seems like a great place to live and be 5 minutes away from Grand Central.

I'm uneasy about how this area has changed. I lost my view I am upset about that, but that's just business I suppose. I can't wait to meet the new people across from my windows. So far the people that have looked at the apartments seem nice. I am excited. @JMSLIC How do you know a wallgreens is coming to the area? I am honestly excited about that. A TD bank was recently built 3 blocks from this location.

The new bbq is on 44th drive not 44th ave.

duane read is already here!!!

There already is a BBQ place on 44th drive not 44th avenue its called john smokehouse. There already is a duane read by the water. A new library is going to be build down by the water. Most of the new things that are being put in the area are blocks from this area. We recently got spice which is 6 blocks from this location.

Anyone move in yet?

Still waiting to close. Not sure what's taking the bank so long, couldn't they take care of the paperwork while everyone was sitting around waiting for the CO?

Yes, when I look out my window it seems someone on the 3rd floor has moved in.

Closing scheduled for Friday, maybe we'll move in with sleeping bags the same night :P

At least it seems we won't be using the AC this year, heater it is instead.

i had heard a few closings were delayed because of financing. I think people have started closing though.

Thanks, everyone. I'm planning on going to the open house tomorrow and these posts have given me an idea of what to expect from the building and the neighborhood. Good luck with your closings and moving and keep posting about any problems or great surprises!

I currently live on the Upper East side and I've been to LIC before but never looked at any apartments there so this will be a first. Any other buildings people are looking at? What about Murano?

does everyone satisfy with the walk through or the inspection so far?

hey all, i'm also moving in shortly - just waiting on a closing date from the bank. the walk-thru was fine. I do have a few questions for others moving in shortly.

1) anyone purchasing washer/dryer wholesale?
2) anyone hear anything about the FCO being issued?
3) I know there's a pre-lim tax abatement cert issued, but any educated guesses on when the abatement will kick in? (perhaps 1.5 years from now as a conservative figure)?

congrats to all the new owners. sponsor now increasing price $20k even though i bid at asking price.
@ed1985 - word is no deals on washer/dryer. You're on your own.

Thought the tax abatement already kicked in?

Closing went well (though it happend in Long Island, a bit out of the way for city dwellers). So far no major issues with the units (the door latch on the frame for the bathroom was missing, probably removed during painting and forgot to be put back, still locks, so no biggie.

Moved in with sleeping bag last Sunday.

Building is quite strict with move-in, but in the long run that's a good thing for owners.

Finally, @ed1985 at some local electronic stores in Queens you can get the LG combo cheaper than anywhere online. New and delivered free.

I also bought a unit and I couldn't be happier. Everything is perfect and there is nothing like having the entire space be brand new! @EatBigApple - any chance you have the name of the store in Queens where I can purchase the LG combo or were you just mentioning that there are stores that sell it cheaper but you don't have a specific one in mind? I was also told that residents are likely on their own for the washer/dryer, which is fine.

Super came by and fixed the door latch, bravo~

cool - thanks for the insight. they letting people move in on weekends?

@nyc4444 I got mine at Happy Electronics in Flushing, $150 cheaper than anywhere else I've seen plus free delivery. I know the name's ridiculous, but they've been a class act the 3 times I've bought from them. It's a Chinese shop, but they're all fluent in English.

@ed1985 yes, for extra money per house rules. Annoying, but it makes sense.

PC Richards and Son also carries the 24 inch LG washer/dryer combo and they are willing to match their competitors.

Granted everyone can't move on the same day, but making someone choose between paying $250 to have a piece of furniture delievered to their own home or taking a day off work is restrictive and unecessary.

EatBigApple, any chance you know the name of the Queens store that gives a nice price on the W/D? Perhaps a bulk price for the building can be negotiated? I bought a unit and hope to move in mid November. Glad to hear the super is on top of fixing requests.

@EatBigApple and @ Lannister_wzml-- thanks for the W/D info. I already moved in but I didn't get a W/D just yet. Although the building is not organizing a bulk order, perhaps the individual tenants can negotiate with the store. I wouldn't mind organizing it. Maybe we can put a sign up in the mail room but I am not sure if the building permits me to post something in there. Anyone interested?

Bestbuy seems like a good place I live behind this building if anyone needs help or directions. :)

There is an owner organizing a bulk purchase of Bosch W/D from a vender for a very competative price. She told me to pass along her info to those interested so I don't think she would mind me giving her number-Linda-917*770*8333.

Having used the LG unit this week, the speed is painfully slow (3-4 hour per load start to finish). Though having it all in one is nice, set it and forget it.

Bosch being two separate units does work "better", but it's more involved and a good 40% more expensive. Not to mention you lose the space above.

I guess for single person 1BR or Studio the LG is sufficient. Bigger units might be better off with Bosch. (I've installed both, one at sister's, one at Mom's.

Anyone fire up the rooftop grill yet?

How is everyone dealing with the hurricane? I know the building was on the edge of the evacuation zone I hope there was no flood damage.

No flood damage at all at OMP. Though my mother's tenants told me that the lobby at Powerhouse pretty badly beat up.

I walked by Powerhouse last Tues and the curb was stacked high with discards. Lots of it looked to be children's toys, strollers, PlaySkool objects, etc, so all that stuff must've been in the basement storage area and gotten water damaged.

there's no storage at Powerhouse (none at OMP either), but I think the discards were from the first floor kids' play room.

Who here bought parking spots at One Murray Park? I'm surprised by how empty the parking lot is still......

not sure what the developer would do if no one buys the parking spots..probably rent them out? I'm also interested in knowing how many roof deck spaces were sold.

Not that surprising that parking spots aren't selling. Developer wasn't willing to negotiate on a unit/parking spot bundle. After plunking down for a unit, how many people can justify another $50k? Most of the owners are young couples from what I've seen and one of the main draws of OMP is proximity to public trans and Manhattan, making car ownership unnecessary.

Now, I'd be really surprised to hear of anyone buying one of the cabanas.

I find parking absolutely essential for LIC, especially when you have family living nearby or enjoy occasion trips to Costco :) Trying to find a parking spot near Gantry Park on weekends is a nightmare. In a few years it might be a huge draw if it's time to resale.

The spots are really quite small though.... :P

Odd parking isn't selling since all spots are sold at the Industry down the road. $50k is far too expensive - should be half that

Sales office said there are only a couple cabanas left. All others have been sold. It's quite amazing being on the roof, views and all.

Does anyone know if the Bosh wash/dryer has a 110v plug? The one in Bestbuy only have 220v and they dont help us change it. I wonder if we have to have an electrician come in to switch it..

@ KJ001: is the washer/dryer in your apt already? mine are coming in this weekend and building mgmt informed me we have a 110 V outlet and 220 V outlet, or is your issue strictly a prong issue?

Pretty sure the current setup is for the Bosch 24", no changes necessary. You can get it at wholesale price by emailing Lynda. Her contact can be found in a previous posting on this chain. Save you about 20%. Bosch W/D was all in at $2,031.

oh that's awesome! dunno why they told us it's 110 during the walk through...

Can someone tell me whether our washer/dryer hookups support gas dryers? I've also read the comments above regarding brands of washer/dryer but I'm curious, of those who have purchased and used their washer/dryer, what brand/model did you purchase and if you're satisfied (or not) with it, and why?

For those looking for washer/dryer I am looking to organize a possible bulk order please email me at ****for more info.

You can call Linda-917*770*8333 for a W/D bulk order. I think the offering plan says only two models work in the building, the Bosch Axxis & LG 24". I got the Bosch and am extremely happy with it. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to do 1 load, but all ventless W/Ds are like this. It was a wholesale price of $2030 through Linda. This includes the stacking kit, taxes, and installation. Ventless W/Ds are a bit more expensive than those that vent outside, but it beats having to drag down laundry to the basement and saving quarters!

Regarding 24" Bosch and LG washer and dryers. In doing some research, both compact models for Bosch and LG consistently score low in customer satisfaction. I can't fathom putting out $2K for mediocre machines. I've been researching the Fagor FAS-3612X Washer/Dryer Combo - 1.8 Cu. Ft. capacity unit. It's the only European combo/unit available in the U.S.; uses 220v so and more efficient and superior wash/dry technology than other compact washer/dryers available in the U.S. Consistently scores high on customer satisfaction. It also meets all of the hookup requirements; ventless, all electric, 23.67" width. I'm calling Fagor today to see is their units require a 220v switch out or if it will plug-in play out of the box. Other than that, it's 1/2 the price of the stackable Bosch & LG and from the reviews a wash / dry can be done 1.5 - 2hrs from beginning to end. If all checks out, I'll most likely go with the Fagor combo model. But curious, how others who have the Bosch or the LG is working out for them; wash times, quality of wash and dry, any annoyances like functionality and sound, etc.

What is everyone doing about their showers? Installing rods for a curtain? Anyone putting in glass doors?
Also, I find it annoying there's no room for toiletries. I find shower caddies ugly. Is anyone building shelving inside their showers?


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