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Prof photographer for FSBO listing


Can anyone recommend a professional real estate photographer for a FSBO listing? Also what is a reasonable rate for a 1BR apartment?

The cheapest/best way I can think of (never had to do it for a FSBO) is to find someone off airbnb. Look at photographs of people's apartments, inquire who performed the photography and book them?

Call they are very good, reasonably priced.

Keith Burkhardt
The Burkhardt Group

Michael Weinstein is in my opinion the best in the business and he is reasonable.

Tell him Brett Solomon sent you and he will give you a very good deal.

Call Jody Kivort. He's a very good and inexpensive interiors photographer with designer, architect and editorial clients, but more work is more work! His website is

why can't you just use your own camera and take loads of pics and then pick the ones that are most appealing?

there's a certain amount of work that comes with being able to do a FSBO, and this would be on top of the list.

Good question!

gotham photo company

You can do your own pictures if you are ok with pictures. But what you need is a good camera. I did this for a place I rented, but borrowed my friends SLR with a wide lens. Looked incredible, but you need to have a crazy good camera and wide lense. Otherwise is not too difficult. Gets down to time/hassle v. money. So basically you are paying for someone with a very good camera. Not like there is a special skill set needed for a simple one bedroom.

I charge $150 for a typical 1 bed in Manhattan. Usually takes 30 mins or less if unit is clean.
8 Photos, 2 day max day turnaround.

Sample work: UWS 7 story townhouse

Vincent L. - is the beginning of the album, not the link above. Sorry.

vslse65, excellent photos of what appears to be a difficult space to render in 2D!

Townhouse#1 is nice!

Thanks for the kind words folks. That was a $10 million townhouse on Museum block in the UWS. A 3 day shoot with no elevator :(

Nice pictures, bad decorating. Invictus? Now that art in the horatio place...


To each their own when it comes to interior decorating . When I look at a property for a photo-shoot, I just do my best to show it in the best light given what's inside.

nice job vslse65

Great photos. What lens are you using?


For this shoot, I used a Canon 10-22mm and the Canon 17-55mm (not 100% sure). I mainly use 2 lenses for real estate & architecture. Nothing longer than 55mm though.

Thanks romary

Sorry did not mean to sully the advertisement. Comment was less than serious reference to the choice of art that nicely stereotyped uptown v. Downtown.


lol, no worries and definitely no need for apologies. It wasn't taken seriously anyway. ;)

Have a great day.

Happy New Year everyone. Just updating link to my real estate portfolio for 2013.


Vincent L.

Another rec for Jody Kivort: painstaking and a pleasure to work with.

Another rec for gotham photo company.


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