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Tonight Mitt Romney WON the Election

A Clear winner!


Mish summed up the performances

Romney won the debate easily. He was confident, poised, respectful of Obama, and was willing to look at the president instead of the floor. In contrast, president Obama kept looking down, kept shaking his head, and posture-wise seemed as if he was ashamed to be on the stage with Romney. In terms of sound-bites, however, it was a blowout. Romney delivered, Obama didn't. If you are an Obama supporter who sees it differently, then you are playing mind-over-matter political cheer leading.

Did either candidate really say anything we did not already know? The answer is "not really"

so run the layup, easier than sprint. you'll be buying a nice dip.

put some money behind your headline:

I just bought Obama at $6.62, realtime, as in just now.

I think it was quite obvious who the real leader was on that stage.
This country is in dire need of leadership. Mitt Romney is needed.

Mitt restored the nations hope and optimism... President Mitt Romney -- sounds great!

"Mitt restored the nations hope and optimism... President Mitt Romney -- sounds great! "

First thing we ever agreed on! LOL!

"President Mitt Romney -- sounds great!"

Only if you're in the top 3%.

Otherwise, you're pretty much fucked.

Obama has done nothing for the middle class and especially the poor. He goes on his million dollar vacations, has his lavish parties at night with lavish food and meanwhile people are being evicted. He has demanded nothing from the banks. The last settlement, I believe the banks had to pay 25 billlion was a give away for them.

And the way he performed last night is the way he's been performing for his entire term. The debt ceiling fiasco last year was a disgrace.

The Glass Steagall Act enacted during the Roosevelt administration was repealed under Clinton.

I'm not a Romney fan, but the middle class has no one truly on their side.

I am a little surprised that there isn't more national discussion about Romney's tax policy relating to the mortgage interest deduction. He hasn't been very specific about his plan for the deduction, only hinting that deductions might be capped at 17K. Wouldn't that be a total disaster for real estate?

And you really think Gordon Gekko -- er, excuse me, MITT ROMNEY -- who's made a career out of outsourcing middle-class jobs overseas, is really on the side of the middle class?

bingo streetsmart.

ANd the inconvenient truth is the United States like it or not is a "Company" and no bigger time do we need someone who knows how to run a company.
Unfortunately, as charming and charismatic as I find Obama, he doesn't know how to economically run this company.
Most disturbing is after 4 years, he didnt learn how to run the company. ANd his posture and demeanor in his answers showed he still doesn't understand the economics he is pitching.

Europe is not the model to strive for either. This country is full of many ex europeans and generations of who left to get away from the european model.

It's still going to be a long month. Momentum will go back and forth a few times still.

Matt I don't believe for one second that he's on the side of the middle class. But Obama is out to lunch.

As I said the middle class has no one. People who are underwater should have gotten some relief for starters. And yes I did think that Obama ignored the economy and put first priority in getting the health care law passed.

With Romney, he'll be on good behavior the first term. Still don't know if I'll vote for him.

The liberal media has given Obama a free pass on everything.

>And you really think Gordon Gekko -- er, excuse me, MITT ROMNEY -- who's made a career out of outsourcing middle-class jobs overseas, is really on the side of the middle class

Matt, I actually understand your feeling with your union background, but otherwise this is a silly point that really has no traction.
If the business trend of the market was to outsource those jobs and every competitor was doing it, you'd have to be moron not to unless you wanted to go bankrupt.
GM eventually had to buy parts from China. You adapt to the market or die.
If Obama didnt pander as well to Goldman Sachs and the like, this point might have 1% of traction.

Since I am a 3% I wholeheartedly support Mitt.
Eff our re-distributor in chief.

Therez u be ya little real estate / political talking weasel. Reny sprint is down today. Ya should've shorted it. I know I know. You make money the old fashioned way, you do it missionary style/real estate humping.

Democrats/republicans, w67 makes money which ever ninny 'leads' the company. That Romney comes from good stock of Mexican immigrants who got their start with help from welfare and food stamps. Obama. He got it good too. That douche of a father found the right light skinned vagina to deposit his sperm into.

But one thing they have in common, they believe they know more than us, like Riversider with his cream cheese index.

wall street 2 - Gordon Gekko was redeemed, and bud fox, the bleeding heart from part 1, was just a womanizing libertine...

careful where you draw your analogies.

And yes, calling romney a job outsourcer during that time... you may as well accuse him of breathing and pooping as well.

i vote for Mitt. he says a lot, but refuses to say anything specific. he specializes in making a buck on other people's backs. so forget the middle class and the taxes they pay, indians/chinese will pay the taxes.

As far as the Iraqi war goes, Obama always claims he was against it, but he never went on record and voted against it. He once gave a speech to a bunch of radicals about the war and said he was against it. But when one gives a speech to radicals, you don't say you're for a war.

That said, in 2006, Obama posted on his website that he agrees with George Bush on his war policies. But when he ran for president he erased this from his website. Bill Clinton mentioned this when Obama was running, that he erased it form his website and then exclaimed, "What kind of fantasy is this" And then the media accused Clinton of calling Obama's campaign a fantasy. Boy did the media come down on Hillary.

"Reny sprint is down today."

What else is new, you'll be in assisted living by the time Sprint hits $10. LOL!LOL!LOL!

Anyone remember this exchange from "Outsourced?"

Quick, Quick...
Its a supervisor demand.

Give it to me. Hello?

You got to be kidding me...
I'm buying a freaking American eagle from a company in that supposed to be in America
and I get India?

I understand that you're upset, sir.

No, you don't.
Last month I lost my job at the plant where I work for 22 years because the whole operation was in Mexico.
My brother had to leave town because of no job.

I know how you feel, sir.

No, you don't. You have a job.

Sir, please don't hang up. I have a solution for you.


Please understand that all American are upset about outsourcing...
so we have located an American made version of all our products.
If you have a pen, I will give you the website of an American company that makes an eagle statue very similar to ours, same size, same material.

Only theirs are made 100% percent in America.

Well, thanks, I appreciate it. But is the price the same?

No, sir, there’s is $212 more.


Thank you sir, may I have your credit card number?

> Romney delivered, Obama didn't.

100% agree. On health care Romney just killed Obama pointing out the differences of approaches and results. Obama tried to answer but couldn't.

> Only if you're in the top 3%. Otherwise, you're pretty much fucked.

you think that under Obama the 97% is "not fucked"??

> People who are underwater should have gotten some relief for starters. And yes I did think that Obama ignored the economy and put first priority in getting the health care law passed.

every single young household, say with head of household younger than 35 or 40, who had to face the bad side of the housing bubble (housing cost inflation) should have gotten rent or mtg relief.

Obama's policies are devastating to the middle class. It amazes me how people like Matt are totally brainwashed by big-government liberals and believe the most ridiculous things. The middle class will be much better off under a Romney administration.

Reny. You are so on! You do it missionary style another 25yrs hoping re borkering in a deflating market will make you rich! W67 will stay the course on sprint at $10/share!!!!

Any other realtwhores want in on the missionary position? Ok u be bottom! I'll be top.

i live deep in the 1%, always have--i couldn't in my wildest dreams (nightmares) vote for mitt romney

i've been really lucky--on so many fronts--(worked very hard, too)--happy tp pay taxes to give the less-lucky a bump

not happy to let mitt and his merry band of privateers spend my tax dollars enriching their people

they cant wait to get their greedy hands on education, medicare, and social security--which, of course they will run efficiently--you know, like enron, worldcom, boa, wachovia, citi, aig, mf global....the list is endless---the one thing you can be sure of is that the privateers will very efficiently enrich themselves!!

Hey LiCcomment! Can you look down between your legs and see if ericho69 is there? I sent him to suck some cock after his ridiculous thesis he made 700% retun on LiC re while pooh hooing my sprint call.

I'm concerned he is making cock sucking a full time career move, what with a wife and young daughter is support. W67 iz a little concerned.

W67 will stay the course on sprint at $10/share!!!!

You're beginning to sound a little desperate, I guess that's because Sprint hasn't done anything in the past couple of months, other than go down!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can use your profits to by prune juice! LOL!!!!!!!!

If you let medicare and social security maintain as is they will be bankrupt in no time. And all the massive government spending on education the last 30 years has produced zero improvement in education results. Yet foolhardy big-government liberals just want to keep taxing and borrowing and spending . . .

Anyone have any opinion on how Romney's tax policy would affect real estate? Any idea how big a drop we would be in for? If any?

It actually looked like Obama was letting Romney speak.... to learn.. got an eco 101 lesson last night.. funny how Obama uses the word "invest" when he means spend.. huh?

What the fk is wrong work prune juice to stay regular? Hey realtwhore, me thinks we just have a definitional disagreement. When you say last few months, w67 means 6 months. Realtwhore's months => last 5 days. That's public record. From the day i called sprint and bought my $1mm sprint position at $2.40, it has been 6 months. Likewise when you say 'hasn't done anything' you mean 100%+ return in 6 months on a $1mm asset base is nothing?

Maybe realtwhores really are fking rich! In my banking days, guys like Bernie that returned 15% were high priests in the kingdom of greed. A hedge fund guy returning 50% in a year were high priests of this Kingdom. Now w67 made people in my circle of yachties 100% (most jumped in after it hit $4) in 6 months. They call me the 'Ruler of men, animals and all that swim in the oceans.' Make me 200% in 6 months and ill kowtow to you fking realtwhore. Flmaozz.

both mitt and bam are d1ckheads

they both avoided the most important issue, such as stop outsourcing; and wasted most time on stupid health care/tax arguments

mitt is so stupid to pick the extremist ryan, and also stupid to say he'll waste more money on military. hey, did these suckers always say small governemt? then shrink the military first, that's the biggest part of government

but so sad that mitt is still less evil than liar bam

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I didn't watch the debate so I can't comment, but to correct LICC, the federal government spends 6x more on defense than on education.

Gets about the same return, I'd say.

Defunding PBS is bad enough but Mitten also threatens to gut the EPA & Planned Parenthood. Yes, the system is horribly skewed & broken & already sold & delivered to the special interests but I feel that Obama at least still has some feeling for the little guy. My fear is that with Mitten, we'll be on a tobogan ride to HELL.

I don't think Obama has one iota of feeling for the little guy.He had a lot though for the bankers. He's an egotist to say the least; he has turned his back on his people. Even black leaders like Cornell West feel like they're been kicked in the gut. Obama wants to party and wallow in himself.

Romney bad for NYC real estate?
Where's the connection.
Romney means: those that got keep, those that don't weep.
Here in Appletown we got more than a few keepers.
If they know they get to keep it might be time for a trade up.
In this town it is back in fashion to spend on the big tickets.
The line at the giant expensive apartment store is around the block.

Capitalists= good for markets

Socialist= bad for markets

It's that simple

"Capitalists= good for markets

Socialist= bad for markets

It's that simple"

But the stock market bottomed out two months into Obama's presdency. He must be the greatest "Capitalist".
Back to the debate, Obama was really terrible last night. Mitt won hands down 1-0.

a real republican will let the market shift back more closer to the socialist way,

the obama-bernanke front runners will continue this extrem capitalism and leave more people being poor

Stock market up today due to Romney win.

I am not thinking specifically of NYC real estate, but more nationally. If Romney were able to pass his tax plan as currently proposed/implied (rates cut 20%, deductions capped at 17K). The mortgage deduction would be severely limited. A 350K mortgage at 5% would maximize the 17K deduction, and would eliminate deductions for state income tax, and charitable givings.

It is just an interesting policy given that the FED is doing everything in its power to prop up real estate prices. I would think that this would cut real estate values by 10%+. Considering that over 75% of medial household wealth is in residential real estate, this might be something that voters would be interested in. I don't think that banks or the FED's MBS portfolio would do very well if this happens.

Everyone seems to say...well it will never happen. Well if it doesn't happen then Mitt is cutting revenue and adding to the deficit and debt, which he is quick to say that he is not doing.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Would it not have as large an impact on RE prices as I assume?

"Capitalists= good for markets / Socialist= bad for market"

Maybe, but historically the stock market performs better under Democratic presidents than under Republican ones.

Just a fact.

Did you watch the Debate? Mitt is not cutting revenue..

What do you think is going to happen to the FED's MBS portfolio when rates go up when Obama drives us over the fical cliff?

Right... Mitt is not cutting revenue if and only if he eliminate the mortgage deduction...which will do what to real estate values?

Now there you go again.. I said Socialist.. you said democrat

steve- that is not correct. Total government spending in the US (federal, state and local) on education for FY 2013 is $973 billion. Total US military spending (military defense, veterans affairs, foreign aid, etc) is $902 billion.

Don't you get it? Romney will fix this economic mess we are in..when employment is up and people fell optimistic about the future they will by homes, the government won't need to subsidize housing any more with a mortgage deduction. Take it away prevent the next government induced bubble.

now i sincerely doubt steve didn't graduate from high skool

read my post, the so-called "Democrat" is running the most extreme capitalism now, so you indeed agree with my alias brooks2. both are wrong though, from the perspective of the benefit of the majority

Excuse me, but in his closing statements, didn't Romney embrace the Constitution...the same one that he feels does not protect gay rights? That is not my constitution! Sorry,but if you are going to tell me how to live, what to believe in, and what I can do with my doesn't matter how good you look or how polished you sound!

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truth--- do you endorse Romney?

Mitt Romney won the debate, Obama lost the debate.
One or more of the above statements is true.
We saw today the Democratic spin machine attempt to paint it otherwise, but why and for what purpose?
Does anyone really believe there are undecided voters out there?

does that mean that Truth endorses Romney?

won the debate? what the hell r u talking about?

they both lost, a bunch of losers

only the brain-washed retards believe what they said

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I watched the debate.
I can't say who won but for sure....
It's all of us who lose.
The whole thing ends we me shaking my fist at a broken statue of liberty crashed on the beach.
"damn you all to hell" as I chew on delicious soilent green.
Better listen to Heston, by guns, lots of guns and amo.
Once the monkeys get the upper hand it all goes to shit...including re values.

come on. you watched that and cant tell who won?

With me shaking my fist
Buy gun
Sorry, got a little excited
So it is it shall be done

I watched the debate dunking Oreos in a glass of cold whole milk.
I will ad-Mitt the milk really softened up the cookies.

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what do you suggest?

who do you support?

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I thought Heston said, "take your stinking paws off me you dammed dirty ape!"

"not happy to let mitt and his merry band of privateers spend my tax dollars enriching their people
they cant wait to get their greedy hands on education, medicare, and social security--which, of course they will run efficiently--you know, like enron, worldcom, boa, wachovia, citi, aig, mf global....the list is endless---the one thing you can be sure of is that the privateers will very efficiently enrich themselves!!"

Let me see-- Citi- wasn't Robert Rubin the US Secretary of Treasury for Clinton a Director at Cit and hold the position of Chairman in 2007?

hmmm MF Global, Wasn't John Corzine the CEO --isn't John Corzine the former Governor of NJ a democrat?

did that statement make sense to anyone?

I understand in the next debate Obama has issued an executive order allowing him to bring a tele-prompter.

Big Bird just told Obama to get lost:

WASHINGTON – President Obama has ruffled some feathers at PBS by putting Big Bird in a TV ad attacking Mitt Romney.

“We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down,” Sesame Workshop, the PBS-affiliated non-profit behind Sesame Street, said today in a statement.

speaking of getting lost.

get lost.

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That's not true, LICC. Total public school expenditures are $597 billion; the average per-pupil expense is $12,744.

Do you think that lowering that figure would help things out?

You will note that tuition alone at the best private universities is around $30,000 a year, so there's obviously an expenditure gap.

"best" private schools in NY pay teachers 60% of PS counterparts, charge 40k per year, and run at a deficit of > 10k per student

The 'best' private schools probably have the best students, not the children of crack addicts.

Just to put things into perspective....

At the high school I went to (Thomas Wooton in Rockville MD) 95% of the kids go to college. Not true for neighboring DC.

steve- I gave a FY 2013 figure, you gave 2010, and I don't think yours includes all costs, and it is only K-12.

And yes, we would be better off reducing the spending. The U.S. has massively increased education spending the last 35 years, with no material positive results. Too much of the money is wasted on administrators and lavish union benefits, to the detriment of the learning process.

Read again, LICC - the total for primary through secondary is $591.6 billion, which means it has actually gone DOWN from 2010. The $916.7 figure includes higher (college) and other education, presumably grants and the like for research, which is an entirely different matter.

No argument that schools have too many administrators and lots (but not all) teachers are overpaid, but that would really call for a reordering of priorities rather than just spending less. It happens that the best public schools, such as the ones I was fortunate enough to go to, are very good.

Here's something interesting:

I went to high school in Montgomery County; they spend less per pupil than NYC. But they also don't have to deal with language barriers, very low income students, crime, etc. So I'm not sure that just comparing numbers will work; the problem is far more complex.

oh and while we're on Mitt, Cranbrook (Mitt's HS alma mater), a C+/B- boarding prep school for none-too-intelligent rich kids, currently costs 40k per year.

google median sat scores for the school--weak, to say the least--but hey, if youre rich and well-connected, who needs smarts?

all i have to say is thank god for randi weingarten and michael mulgrew who are truly doing god's work for our community. their tireless dedication towards the betterment of our students, the sanctity of enriching through knowledge and their overall efforts and devotion to making public education the model for all is just without peer.

well the one thing that will surely help is to do as LICC recommends: cut funding for public schools.

well, the system is completely broken. funding isn't the issue, it is due to all the blight and bloat but its so far gone any "reforms" will be beat back by the inmates. all to feed the beast. cutting back funding will surely hurt but its only because most of the budget gets eaten up in all the wrong places...

No no no. Tonite w67 the re bull vs bear debate.

I win beyctessssss. Pay up.

It's simple, pay teachers more than their administrators, student per teacher ratio go down.

If funding is cut by converting lavish teacher pensions to defined contribution plans, having teachers pay a reasonable amount of health care premiums, and streamlining administration to reduce headcount, it should not negatively affect educational outcomes.

its interesting, in nyc, some of the strongest advocates for reform and choice comes from the poorest neighborhoods where students and parents are left with almost zero options. pensions are certainly an issue from a budget perspective, but much deeper issues exist in the inability to address failures at every level.

S up big on takeover talk. where be the naysayers??? crying under the stock charts.

The U.S. has massively increased education spending the last 35 years, with no material positive results. It is because we have been teaching the wrong things. We taught them the wrong values and wrong things to fight for.

s ramps but six seven may be taking some off the table.......

seems takeover aint pleasing him---nothing wrong with a 3X

I don't have any problems with LICC's suggestion, but I'm not sure that that will reduce spending overall all that much. In NYC maybe, but not throughout the country.

Unless there's empirical evidence otherwise.

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I have no party affiliation and have a general visceral dislike of politicians as a class. Biden did not do well at all. He was going for aggressive (like Romney) but came off as vulgar, tried to lead the debate (like Romney) but only succeeded at obnoxiously undermining his opponent. He came off as what he is - a vulgar sleazy lowlife.

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Was thinking how pointless VP debates are; then recalled how Cheney brought the country to its knees


Rentals (3,135)
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Boards (307)
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