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Need a "Details" guy to finish renovation


So I just finished a renovation and it's unfortunately lacking a lot of polish in the details department because of a wrong contractor choice. Can anyone recommend someone who specializes in high-end detail and finishing work? I'm talking about detail finish painting, cleaning up and small millwork, fixtures, etc. Thanks!

Hi, Speak to Jennifer of or They do the final touches you seek.
It's my wife's company, hope this helps!

I had a similar situation. I had to fire my contractor (Ray), who completely messed up my reno.

Then I hired Noel Burke at 914-457-7525. Noel's guys were about 500 times better than Ray's guys.

Careful looking on this board for contractors. Haven't found a good one yet and have been looking for a while

Would advise you to get several references and CALL them all. I would also take pictures of each job to be done or better yet, video the areas. Let the contractor be aware that you are doing this. I had the experience of using someone who came in and promised to "finish it all!". In the end did a poor job on less than half the work. Gave reasons such as, "that is the best that can be done" when initially he promised to "fix the poor job done by the initial contractor!" or "it will be too much work to finish or fix that" when initially "everything COULD be beautifully finished". He also claimed to have fixed areas that were obviously untouched. I didn't have the photos!!

Also as much as possible have all cost/work itemized.
Find out how much of the work he/she will do and how and what work will be tossed to some day worker picked up at the end of the block. Ask and verify how often he/she will visit the site...

Do your homework... just a word of caution from one who was taken for a long ride...

I'm curious about brokered and Pawn_Harvester 's experiences, specifically how you chose your original contractors.

Did you choose them based on price, quality expectations?

Were they highly recommended?

Did you negotiate the initial bids?


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