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Mortgage Broker


Can anyone please recommend a great mortgage broker? Is it normal that the bank pay the mortgage broker fee or do they charge the mortgagee directly?

Mortgage broker here, in the business over twenty years; also a real estate broker.

Either the bank pays the mortgage broker fee or the borrower does, but not both. That said the bank can pay the mortgage broker; therefore the borrower pays no fee to the broker.

Ellen Silverman
E.S. Funding Co.

We used Sunny Hong.

anyone else??

I had a difficult time getting financing and dealt with a couple different people. This guy was super nice, helpful and responsive. Think it was 1750 or something for his service.

Jason Prussian
Sales Manager

WCS Lending
660 Madison Avenue 12th floor
New York, NY 10065
Tel: 212.351.8019
Cell: 516.551.9528
Fax: 212.208.0990

michael calica guardhill financial 646 519 7540

there's nothing worse than a broker, especially if they broker more than one thing. ie, real estate and mortgages - why not sell used cars, too?

1750? wow.

MSP - they provide a service. You may not need it so don't pay it. If broker can you get .15% lower it is worth it. In my case, the guy could get me a mortgage where others couldn't. Thanks though for the constructive comment.


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