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Best public schools on UWS


Currently live in the Lincoln Center area in a 1BR. About to have a kid and debating what neighborhood to move into. Would like to rent or 1 2BR, but it may be too early for me to buy. I think with higher rates after a few years, uncertainty about taxes and mortgage deduction, I'd rather rent. From a location perspective UWS/Lincoln Center/Columbus Circle works best for us, but would like to think of potential public schools as well. We are not rich enough for private and don't want our child to grow up in that bubble anyway. What are regarded as good K-5 public schools on the UWS? Any particular suggestions for a building or neighborhood? Budget for 2br is 4000-4500, but well aware that average is 5k-7k for anything nice.

PS9, PS166, PS87, PS199, MSC (lottery). Look up test scores, talk to parents. PS9 and 166 have G&T programs.

PS9 no longer has a G&T program as it was ended with my daughter's class who is now in 2nd grade. They added g&T to i believe it is 163.

Right, but I put that in because I think reported test scores for a school don't differentiate between the gened and G&T streams. So PS 9's scores are "distorted" by the presence of a G&T stream in the older grades.

Missed one - PS452.

LOL - If you can afford a 2 bedroom rental on the UWS - you already live in a bubble.

Gin & Tonic programs do seem like an odd choice for the under-18 set.

If you rent your district doesn't matter unless you are planning on staying there for 6 years...I live in columbus circle and love it but would not by there b/c of the school. A few blocks up by LC you are in 166 and are golden, just be sure you are on the correct side of the boundary.

ebabrah: I think you mean 199, not 166. The catchment for 166 is about a mile farther north.

mikev: So far, the phaseout of the G&T at 9 seems to be working fine. Would you agree? Our youngest is in second grade with your daughter, so we're not as plugged in to the lower grades, where the changes have occurred.

Righto. You know I'm not a numbers guy! ;)

There are excellent schools all over the city but a disproportionate share on the UWS...which is most unfortunate. Generally speaking you might wan to move to District 2 and be sure you can get in, regardless of whether you are in the zone. The Kindergartens are overcrowded. There will be a few new sites for schools that are in the works. Good luck.

P.S. 199 gets high marks and is a reason why families move within its boundaries as opposed to even a block outside its boundaries. The neighborhood families support the school and the teachers are known to care.

Are most of these schools (PS9, PS166, PS87, PS199, MSC , PS452) overcrowded?
Danielre did you mean the District 2 kindergartens are overcrowded or UWS or all?

P.S. 199 has had a population explosion, but they solved that in part by getting rid of one of the schools in their building and limiting the neighborhood that can attend



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Why not ditch the UWS and send you kid to PS6?

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its just like making the mistake of leaving the peanut butter out with the top off. once you turn out the lights, out come the cockroaches.

Riverside: the relocation of Center School helped ensure a huge K grade in '09. 2009 was the last year without a waitlist. Every year since, there has been a waitlist. In my opinion, the rezoning did very, very little to alleviate overcrowding because the population drawn from the zoned-out areas (split among PS87, PS452, PS191) was small. PS199 draws heavily from the Lincoln Towers + Guild, RSB (only 140, 160, 180, 200 left - not sure about 220), 155W68 (large rental), 145 (large rental).

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thats a mouthful.

nyc10023. Not sure but I believe the entire Riverside Blvd goes to 199 except for the buildings south and including 120.

come follow them every day.

back and forth.

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PS199 has been rezoned twice in 4 years. Once in 2010 (southern border moved from 64th to 66th west of WEA &70th to 72nd east of Bway) and again in 2011 (220(?) and 240RSB removed, most of 71st & 72nd St removed, most of 66th street removed). Despite the 2 rezonings, 40+ waitlist 3 years in a row. Waitlist cleared by the 1st week of school.

If it's not born yet, why not move for a school district in 5 years?

Schools may be rezoned by then any way

I agree, I might be thinking too far ahead. I'm just trying to get an idea of the neighborhood(s) I may want to end up in so that I can try them out before settling down there. Any thoughts on areas further north of 96th on the West side in terms of schools, safety, groceries, convenience etc.? I have been up around Washington Heights, Inwood, Morningside and those places are really nice.

i'm in the process of researching schools as well (for my 10-month-old) and we're looking to buy, not rent. can't afford the UWS so i'm considering hudson heights (part of wash heights). ps 187 seems to be the best in that district from my limited research so far.


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