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Worst floorplan nominee


Only one closet in the whole place, and it's a tiny 11 ft²:

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on the market since jan 2009....a live listing. having another open house this weekend....

Ah! My favorite topic- closet space. You could build a storage unit/entertainment center (or buy one) for the wall connecting the bedroom and the living room. It would be nice to have some place to hang coats other than the bedroom.
I saw an apartment a long time ago which was designed specifically for a single man. He took out the bedroom closet and instead made built-in drawers. He took out the coat closet and made it into a small office space. I asked the broker where could someone put a vacuum cleaner because there was no closet in the apartment. It was a fairly large one bedroom, about 1000 square feet with a decent sized bedroom and a large living room, galley kitchen but no closet space.

NWT, is the W/D where the coat closet originally was?

NWT, forgive me, but I don't see anything wrong with that apartment. If you ened more "closet" space, just get a wardrobe or two and put them against the walls.

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Yes, who needs to room for couches, tables or TVs when you can use the those two 5ft long walls in a tiny 500 sq ft apartment to put in a few wardrobes to store things

You could line several wardrobes up against the left-most (western-most) walls of both the bedroom and the living room. You'd lose space for other furniture, of course, but this doesn't make the floorplan inherently bad.

And now I see that there's an escape hatch for these problems:

The ceilings are 21 feet high. So you're getting roughly double the cubic footage that a "normal" 500-SF apartment gives you. (At double the price: $750,000!)

So maybe, not being pressed for bookshelf space since you can extend them up to the ceiling and get your stuff with one of those rolling ladders, you've got a little more space to put your dressers and clothes racks and stuff.

The ceilings in those pictures sure don't look 21 feet. Those kitchen cabinets would have to extend upward of 17 or so!

I don't think this is really a bad floor plan, but just a small apartment. Sure it could use an extra closet or two, a real dining area, and a larger bedroom, but I think they do a pretty good job with the space. I think the ratio of the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen area is all appropriate.

I think that this as really a much worse floor plan.

There is no flow. It lacks both the separated rooms of a pre-war, or the kitchen/dining/living room flow of a more modern condo. There is a lot of wasted space with a large 5x6 hallwayish gallery by the master bedroom. Oh and the larger 12x7 entry "gallery" doesn't really have any walls to hang artwork, so again really just wasted space. The master bedroom is large, but doesn't even have a closet in the bedroom. The master bath is large, but they waste the space by having both a shower and bath tub while leaving out a double vanity, and the toilet seems crowded. The 3rd bedroom shares access with another bedroom, and the kitchen. I guess that is good for midnight snacks, but really is just a disaster. Also the proportion of the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms is way off.

Of course you could gut this, change around some doors, add a wall or two here or there, but it looks like it underwent a recent renovation, at least on the kitchen. I would say as is, this floor plan is very bad given the space unlike the Worth street condo that really does a pretty good job with a small amount of space.

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Tribeca/Worth St... why is there a bathtub in the shower?!

And now I see that there's an escape hatch for these problems:

That IS a strange setup! Either it's an innovative way to prevent flooding from splashing, or someone decided they wanted a bathtub instead if the walk in shower, the construction of which was already nearly complete.

Another (albeit ridiculous) possibility, is that they wanted to showcase the tub as if it were a museum piece.

"The Museum of the Living Bathtub" - has a nice [bathtub] ring to it!

As usual the pictures included are only of more expensive units. To score the bath/shower you have to upgrade to this million dollar one bed with 13x14 living/dining space.

Layout seems pretty standard for a squarish unit this size. That place Ricardo liked is a weird layout.

What do you think about the price ? I see a lot in contract.

Been looking for a long time. Actually think all considered, not bad at all. They have been raising prices for the last two months. Agree the bathtub in the shower is a little weird, but that is not too difficult to fix (ie. remove tub, add a bench, another rain shower, etc. All thing considered, i think it's ok.

As a general rule, aren't boxy layouts better for space efficiency in small apartments? Not sure I'd do anything differently in the original apartment. Put some coat hooks in the foyer and a wall of wardrobes along the bedroom wall adjacent to the bath. Don't think I'd be willing to sacrifice 2' of dimension anywhere for additional closts anywhere.

That said, I do think people grossly under-estimate the amount of closet space they'll need. I thought our current place was great with a double coat closet, a broom closet, and a walk-in. When we renovated, we added five more closets, and they're all full. That's how good of a judge I was. :p

From the key plan, it's apparently orphan space left over when the architect finished with the other units. With that small a footprint, it should've been laid out as a studio rather than a one-bedroom, but then the developer wouldn't get as much per ft².

A full-size bed is what, 60"x80"? You could fit that in the bedroom, with a couple of bed tables, but nothing else. Or maybe the intended occupant is one person sleeping on a cot.

The new owner is going to wish she'd played with the floorplan and to-scale furniture cutouts.

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Horrible... hoRror layouts and the stones in the bathroom? So tacky!!!!!


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