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lease holdover


We are buying a home and need 2 more months in our rent stabalized apartment. Any suggestions on how to approach the management company? I am hoping they may be more than willing since the lease is over on January 31, a slow time for renting.

if your landlord follows the letter of the rent stabilized law, they are only supposed to provide 1 year or 2 year leases...

While the letter of the law may say the landlord must provide a 1 or 2 year lease, they can also separately agree to cancel the new lease after 2 months with no penalty. I rented in a Glenwood building and that was how they handled it, very smooth, no problems. You just need a willing landlord. I would just go tell them your situation and ask them to agree to cancel with no penalty and see what they say.

We are in the same situation. Brodsky refuses to extend for 2 months, they offered to reduce the penalty to 1 month's rent (which is still a lot).

Your LLs will probably earn windfalls from your departures and
should be happy to accommodate your desires to leave early.

When my stabilized tenants have asked to leave early I have always
unconditionally released them because their doing so has enabled me
to raise their rents substantially, not hurt me

In addition, if you stay past your lease expirations 1-2 months, you become
hold-over month-to-month tenants at your old stabilized rents and will be
able to move out before your LLs can evict you in court.

With a phone call and a simple question, just let them know ASAP. You are over thinking this.

I have a similar problem. I am NOT in a rent stabilized apartment, but need 1-2 extra months to close on a co-op. They are unwilling to extend the lease. They want to renew the lease at a much higher rate and then charge us 1/2 months fee in addition to that. We tried to ask nicely, but they are not being very accommodating. We even agreed to the rent increase, but asked to have the fee waived, but they won't budge.

My question is - what are the risks of just not moving out and continuing to pay the rent? Or, not paying the extra month's rent and not asking for the security deposit back? Will they not accept the rent payment and start eviction proceedings? How does that affect credit scores?

Did your landlord mistreat you in the past?

No, they have generally been okay. They are just a pain to deal with when it comes to leases. They upped quite a bit on our renewal and now, they are asking for what feels like an unfair amount of money for something that I can't see as hurting them at all.

Bobbysketch: Would you post how this turned out? Did you holdover? (i.e., not move out and continue to pay rent)

We ended up having to go exactly by what our landlord asked. The price of living in NYC, I suppose.

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